Updated free online Introduction to the Education of Students with Autism training module

Project ACCESS is pleased to announce our revised and improved free online offering of the Introduction to the Education of Students with Autism training module. The module has been updated to reflect the most recent data regarding students who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This module is designed to give educators an extensive overview of autism as an educational disorder. Essential methods for assessing behaviors are taught and basic programming strategies are introduced. We have expanded the content so that it is equivalent to that contained in the face-to-face version of the training. This includes adding web-based augmentative resources and study materials. Topics include: definition of autism and Missouri’s required eligibility criteria for special education and related services; descriptions of sensorimotor integration issues, communication issues, social and relatedness issues; assessing behaviors for their messages; evidence-based interventions; behavior support; structuring and scheduling in the classroom; and essential features of effective programming for students with autism.

Coursework for this module consists of downloading supplemental writings, watching videos and submitting assignments related to the covered concepts. The assignments are graded and commented upon by an instructor, so the time to complete the course varies per individual. While the timeline is aligned with the two-day face-to-face offering of this training, the online module allows participants the flexibility to complete coursework at their own pace. It should be noted that participants must allow a reasonable amount of time for the instructors to assign grades.

The course does not have to be completed all in one sitting. Participants may complete a section and wait to proceed to others as time permits.

A pre-test and post-test are included in the course and participants must score 80% or above on the post-test. Participants will receive a certificate once they have successfully completed all course requirements.

While this course is open to anyone interested in supporting students who experience ASD, paraprofessionals will be able to access a version of this training module in late Spring 2017 that is adapted specifically to the perspective of paraprofessionals.

Interested in this training module? Please visit the Project ACCESS website at the following link: bit.ly/PAonlineIntro or email us at projectaccess@missouristate.edu

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