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Assessment in Action: Media, Journalism, and Film

Colleges at Missouri State have highlighted departments who actively assess student learning and have “closed the loop” by making changes to their classes and programs based on evidence gathered about student learning. Visit the Use of Student Evidence on the Office of Assessment web page to read more about how faculty, staff, and departments at Missouri State model this assessment for improvement cycle. The Office of Assessment is gathering these stories from around campus.  The first in our “Assessment in Action” series highlights Media, Journalism, and Film. Thank you to Dean Galanes and Dr. Pardue for sharing their assessment story from the College of Arts and Letters.  If you have an assessment in action story you are interested in sharing with the campus community, please contact Sarah Gray.

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Collecting, Collaborating, and Celebrating: Assessing Student Learning

Public Affairs at the University

As part of the Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative Project, the Office of Assessment collected student work related to public affairs with the goal of understanding students level of knowledge related to public affairs. A group of faculty and staff reviewers met in May 2013 and on October 26. Faculty, staff, and students reviewed student work using a rubric or a collaborative assessment protocol. We were thrilled to welcome Kelsie Young and Brett McKnight (both students of the Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate program) as our first student reviewers!  The reviewers did an incredible job scoring over 260 pieces of work in less than two hours. Reviewers were able to participate in interdisciplinary conversations about public affairs. Brett McKnight commented on the impact of his participation.



“Participating as a reviewer allowed me to see how truly committed the University is to integrating the public affairs mission into all areas of our community.  The experience also allowed me to not only to see how the core curriculum seeks to reflect the mission through a unique variety of assignments, it helped me to identify ‘best practices’ for instructors and supervisors to generally engage their students in a holistic understanding of the public affairs mission.”

The first review session results are already available online, and the second review session will be available online soon.

What are we doing now that the review session is over?

  • We are currently analyzing and creating a report for the Fall 2013 Quality Initiative Project review session. It will be available on our website soon!

  • We are collecting student work year round to be included in these sessions. Do you have a public affairs assignment or experience to share with the Quality Initiative Project? Faculty and staff can sign up to participate online by filling out the Intent to Participate Form.

  •  We are seeking recommendations of faculty, staff, student who would be interested in reviewing student work at the Spring review session? Students, is there an assignment or experience that impacted your public affairs perception? Tell us about it by commenting on this blog or by emailing us at Assessment.MissouriState.edu.

The video below is a discussion about the Public Affairs Assessment:  Quality Initiative Project during the FCTL 2013 Showcase; it is led by a panel of reviewers from the Fall 2013 review session and facilitated by Kelly Cara.

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An Introduction

I am excited to announce that I joined the Office of Assessment in Carrington 422 as the Director of Assessment on January 2. It has been a whirlwind few weeks.

The Office of Assessment sponsored the first “Showcase on Assessment” on January 23. Each college was represented in the breakout sessions. Materials from selected faculty sessions and video of the keynote presentation are available at http://www.missouristate.edu/assessment/ShowcaseOnAssessmentSpring2013.htm

In future posts, you’ll read more about the the work of the Office of Assessment. Here is what we are currently working on:

  • Overseeing the collection of student work submitted for the Quality Initiative Project (http://www.missouristate.edu/assessment/QIP.htm). This is our proposed project for the Higher Learning Commission to assess the public affairs mission at Missouri State. Please consider providing student work/artifacts for the assessment of public affairs. Visit our website to fill out the Intent to Participate Form or to apply as a reviewer in the summer: http://www.missouristate.edu/assessment/QIP.htm
  • Working with faculty on General Education proposals, and in the future, work with faculty to report on the proposed assessments.
  • HLC, specifically the assessment of Public Affairs as part of the Quality Initiative Project proposed to the HLC.
  • General Education assessment—helping faculty, programs, departments, and colleges address assessment
  • Working with Assessment Council (http://www.missouristate.edu/assessment/89754.htm)


Keri Franklin, Director of Assessment


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