A Graduate Research Assistant Perspective on Assessment: The Charlie Whitaker Edition


Hello! My name is Charlie Whitaker and I’m a new Graduate Research Assistant in the Office of Assessment. I’m happy to announce that this is my first post on Assessment in Action, a blog featuring the work, events and upcoming developments from inside the office.

8e3a6e63a3bf5044d2f63d78e119e2c4In 2012, I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media. After a year away, I enrolled in the department of Media, Journalism and Film‘s graduate Screenwriting certification.

The following semester I returned to begin studies in the Master of Science in Administrative Studies with an Emphasis in Screenwriting and Producing program.

First Week

The initial days in the office were a mix of introductions and research. I met a team of highly talented people, each focused on a variety of disciplines, including Marketing and Audiology. We’ve all been given the opportunity to utilize other skills in order to complete tasks and seek different perspectives when encountering challenges. For example, I’m using my background in Screenwriting to assist in the development of public speaking material. Never guessed that would come in handy before this week.

I’ve also learned Assessment at Missouri State has several focuses, including analyzing campus-wide surveys, departmental consultation and student learning projects such as the QIP.

It’s still early, but I’m already confident that I’ll come out of this experience with a greater academic awareness and improved set of applicable abilities.

The Future

During the next few weeks, my intended tasks include giving the website some love and supporting the university-wide Public Affairs Mission. Here’s what I’m excited to do:

  • Formatting office communications or projects into something more attractive, and readable.
  • Advancing the Office of Assessment social media presence to engage and inform our audience.
  • Getting to know other departments and industries (I’ve already been able to learn about several, through updating the website with Assessment reports, including Psychology, Agriculture, Marketing and Business).
  • Simplify and disseminate messages to a variety of audiences–directly and via the website and social media, following the NILOA Transparency model below:


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Charlie Whitaker, Graduate Research Assistant

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