MSU “to be commended” for Quality Initiative Project

As part of the university’s accreditation renewal process, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) determined that “Missouri State is to be commended for its work on this three-year project which has the potential to impact other institutions through the sharing of resources as outlined in the report.”



The ongoing Quality Initiative Project, as a function of the Office of Assessment, is intended to align “institutional outcomes with general education, public affairs, student affairs and professional education outcomes” through a collaborative review of student work related to the Public Affairs mission. This in turn leads to institutional changes as the project’s findings are re-integrated in the classroom as well as co-curricular programs.

The HLC determination is based on four criteria that they feel were demonstrated by the institution:

*Seriousness in the project
*Institutional impact
*Institutional commitment and engagement
*Resource provision

The university’s accreditation is reviewed by the Higher Learning Commission once per decade, and the 2015 review will culminate in an on-site visit taking place in October.


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