Student Engagement Reports Have Arrived at MSU

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Available Now on MSU’s Assessment Page

Missouri State student engagement data is now officially available for viewing or download on the Assessment website. This data is broken into three categories:

  • The NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) which is given to first-years and seniors to analyze how expectations match up after a few years.
  • The BCSSE (Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement) which is given to incoming students straight out of high school to gauge students’ expectations of college life before they are exposed to it.
  • The FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement) which is given to Missouri State faculty to measure their anticipations of student engagement.

Take a look at the survey pages under the “Current Projects” navigation bar and peruse Missouri State’s student engagement landscape to your heart’s content. Indiana University has revised their presentation of data, breaking it down into manageable chunks like the NSSE Pocket Guide, or FSSE Snapshot.

What Do These Surveys Tell Us?

So glad you asked! Using an aggregate of participant reports, student engagement data at Missouri State describes the quality of two major collegiate elements. First, the surveys look at how much time and effort MSU students are spending on academic activity as well as their prior expectations of said time. Second, the surveys can help the university better understand how its resources and infrastructure are being used for learning based on the way reality ultimately matched up with those expectations.

Because we utilize the FSSE, NSSE and BCSSE in tandem, Missouri State faculty and staff are afforded a big picture on the level of engagement among students. This data is potentially crucial when it comes to a variety of university interests, such as retention, advising, academic policy, student affairs, and much more.

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