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Institutional Research Open Lab – Now on Fridays!

Confused? Do you need help with information gathering and report running? Come to our new Institutional Research Open Lab, which will take place every Friday from 1:30-3:30 in Cheek 100.

You will learn how to find the information you need using Bear Intelligence, and how to interpret the information you retrieve.

Email institutionalresearch@missouristate.edu to submit your questions in advance, or for more information.

computer lab

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AIM Dashboard Update – Now Includes Fall 2012

What is the AIM Dashboard? The Academic Insights Management (AIM) Dashboard is a source of information for review and evaluation of departmental activity. It was developed with the purpose of assisting administrators in planning as well as managing the scope and direction of university departments. The information is updated annually after the Fall Census date. It is a valuable resource for MSU staff and faculty seeking information about their respective departments. It now contains Fall 2012 data.

You can use the AIM Dashboard aimcapturetrack down your department’s student headcount, degrees conferred, credit hour production, first fall to second fall retention, faculty characteristics, and a whole range of other information.

If you need any help exploring the AIM Dashboard, feel free to contact the Office of Institutional Research at institionalresearch@missouristate.edu.

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2012-2013 Common Data Set Now Available

According to Wikipedia, “The Common Data Set is a product of the Common Data Set Initiative, “a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson’s, and U.S. News & World Report.” The stated goal is to provide accurate and timely data to students and their families while decreasing the workload of administrators. In producing their popular publications and rankings, these publishers “ask the same core questions” of institutions using the Common Data Set to define those questions and their responses. These data are also used in public accountability efforts such as the Voluntary System of Accountability’s [VSA’s] College Portrait.”

Missouri State University’s new Common Data Set (CDS) is now available on the OIR website.

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Using the VSA College Portrait

Have you checked out Missouri State University’s VSA page?


The VSA is “a source of basic, comparable information about public colleges and institutions presented in a user-friendly format. ” In short, you can easily compare Missouri State to other colleges and easily check our stats. Available to the public, this is a great source to share with people who make inquiries about Missouri State. Categories include admissions, college costs & financial aid, classes & campus life, student experiences, majors, student success, and learning outcomes. This is a great resource.

Below is an illustration of just one of the many informative charts and graphs you can find.

New student applications

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Key Performance Indicators Website Now Available

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) focus on 15 important institutional measures, including five items that are part of the State of Missouri Performance Funding Formula. For each measure, up to five years of trend data will be presented; newer measures will have fewer years. The KPIs will provide accountability along with serving as a guide for longer-term planning, priority setting and budgeting.

The features focused upon include: Fall-to-Fall Retention, Six-Year Graduation Rate, Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Awards, Degree Program Alternate Pathways, Total Enrollment, Student Performance on Exit Exams, Student Performance on Discipline-Specific Competency Exams, Student and Faculty Involvement in Missouri State University’s Public Affairs Mission, “Engendering a Supportive Learning Environment”, Faculty Scholarship, Diversity, Educational & General Expenditures, Faculty and Staff Salaries, External Grant and Contract Activity, and Private Contributions to Missouri State University Foundation.

Check it out at:


There is also KPI User Documentation available.

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