Costa Rica Day 4

Hey how’s it going everyone? Its day four of our trip in Costa Rica! We are having a great time here and really bonding as a team. Today we went zip lining in the forest and then had a game later.

We started the day off by eating breakfast earlier than usual. We had to leave early from the hotel to get to the zip lining. I slept on the way to the zip lining tour.

The zip lining tour was really fun and I think everyone had a great time. Some people, whose names will remain anonymous, were kind of scared to do the zip lining at first. By the end of the tour they loved it though! We ate lunch at the zip lining place too. The food was really good. I had some trout and chicken along with some vegetables.

After the zip line tour we made the long bus ride back to our hotel. We had time to get something to eat and then rest up for the game we had that night.

Our game was at a bigger gym this time. It’s was sort of like a stadium this time. The only bad part about it was that the court was concrete. Normally we are playing on wood floors so it was something different.
The good thing was it didn’t matter what kind of gym we were playing on because we were still going to win.

We ended up winning by about 40. So that was good. After the game we took pictures with all the people that came to watch. We even signed some autographs for some of the little kids.

After game we got on our bus and headed home. Once we got home we showered and we all ate pizza! Now I’m just hanging out in my room with Dorrian.

I’m about to email my family and then call it a night. Tomorrow we get to go teach some kids some basketball stuff at a camp. That should be lots of fun! Goodnight everyone and God Bless!

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