Costa Rica Day 5

What’s up everyone?! It’s Saturday and day 5 of our trip to Costa Rica! Today we play our last game while we are here. We also did a basketball clinic for some local kids and visited a school to meet some special needs children.

The day started off by us eating breakfast at the hotel. It was beautiful outside in the morning with no clouds and about 80 degrees. But by the afternoon it was raining. It’s rainy season here right now so it’s rains every day.

After breakfast we boarded the bus to the gym to help the kids at the clinic. At the gym we did some drills with the kids and had a good time interacting with them. Eddie our manager put on a dance show of his own for all the kids. That was hilarious! At the end we took a ton of pictures with them. We then headed over to the school which was right down the street. While at the school we meet some of the kids. They really appreciated us coming by. We gave them some shirts and other school supplies. It felt good to help out some people who are less fortunate than yourself. This whole experience has taught me that I am very blessed and that I really have a great life.

After the clinic and visiting with the kids at the school we went to eat and then headed back to the hotel. As soon as I got back to the hotel I fell right asleep! I took a really long nap! When I woke up it was time to get ready for the game we had that night!

We played our game at the same place we did the clinic with the kids at. The team we played was probably the best team we played this whole trip. We ended up winning by 40 but at first we didn’t start out as fast as we wanted to. The game was full of fans and kids from the clinic. We took pictures with fans after the game and headed out to get dinner once we were done with that. The place we ate at was a really nice steak house! It was delicious!

After the steak house we went back to the hotel. I feel asleep right away because we had to get up the next morning really early for white water rafting! Goodnight and God bless everyone!

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