Day 1 Recap – Bahamas Tour 2016

Aug. 2, 2016

3:45 a.m. marked the beginning of our Bahamas trip as we departed from JQH Arena. I am not sure that the airport was prepared for a group of 33 so early in the morning but we crammed every last person in our party on the flight to Atlanta with minutes to spare. A sleepless flight after a sleepless night prompted me to use every bit of my senior savvy to skip breakfast in favor of begging the Delta ticket counter for exit row seating for me and my closest, tallest friends. Very fortunately the ticket counter granted us some mercy and my efforts paid off for Obi, Zay, Jordan, and I (Sorry DeQuon and Ronnie, y’all were next). 90 minutes of desperation sleep later and I was greeted with gorgeous island views complimented by some of the clearest aqua water in the world. The Customs line at the Nassau Airport was definitely more of a marathon than a sprint but it didn’t matter, we had finally made it to the Bahamas.

It took 3 busses (2 for passengers and 1 for all of the luggage) and 25 minutes to get to the Atlantis Resort. Cody Seidel really was a rock star all day for us making sure a party of 33 (including 12 of the biggest knuckleheads you’ve come across) cleared customs, made flights, got room assignments, received lunch, and still had plenty of freedom to enjoy ourselves. A 4.5 hour block before dinner was entirely free to do whatever we wanted. Most of the guys explored the resort and lounged on the beach and lazy river, while others (hey, old seniors like me need their rest) slept the afternoon away in preparation for our big week. Currently we are eating at Virgil’s Real Barbecue on the premise which offers a never ending flow of entrees and appetizers (great call, Cody). The rest of the night is completely in our hands after dinner, and I will fill y’all in on that tomorrow. Go Bears!

Tyler McCullough

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  2. Lance Roffers says:

    Great read. Our Bears deserve a trip like this.

    Go Bears!