Day 2 Recap – 2016 Bahamas Tour

August 3, 2016

107-67. Bears win!

A few quick thoughts on our first game: We are athletic, we can shoot, and we play fast. Chris Kendrix was hot and finished with 23 points, and we were solid across the board. The second half, I thought we really attempted to guard them with Dequon setting the tone for us early. We are headed back to the hotel to eat a postgame meal and then off to bed as we are visiting an orphanage tomorrow morning.

Last night after dinner most of the team explored the resort. I’m not quite sure how many different towers there are to stay in at Atlantis, but two of the towers here are 19 stories high with staggering views. Another cool thing within the resort is the aquarium with sting rays and sharks.

Today after breakfast, I went with a group to the water park to ride on the Rapid River and a few of the water slides. We quickly learned that the inner-tubes were not made for basketball sized people, and that made it even more fun when we gained speed and barreled into each other. The other half of the team rented jet-skis on the beach and it looked like a blast. Because we played tonight most of the guys got out of the sun and took naps in preparation by mid afternoon. Being an old man, I went to the pool for a couple hours and read my book before we left for the game. Tomorrow we are playing the Bahamian National Team which should be our toughest opponent down here. Go Bears!

Tyler McCullough

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