Day 4 Recap – 2016 Bahamas Tour

August 5, 2016

Our fourth day is coming to a close with our narrow victory over the CTG Knights (87-86). This team was full of experienced, older players that were very well coached. Hats off to them for really making us work for it. The FIBA rules are a little funky at times, but we have to persevere through it. I am really proud of how the guys handled themselves late in a close game despite the adversity. I think this will set us up very nicely after a few more months of practice before the season begins.

Today’s game was an hour earlier than usual so our daily activities all got pushed up an hour. We had a group of 10 guys filled with players and some coaches that rode the banana tube pulled behind a boat in the ocean. It’s really interesting and almost fun how we are able to negotiate the price with the workers. Pretty much anytime you come up with a big group, someone’s going to cut you a deal. Growing up on the lake I am very used to jet-skis and tubing, but seeing some of my inexperienced teammates interact with water sports makes my entire trip memorable by itself. One of my teammates who shall remain nameless (6’7″ uber athlete from Illinois), was holding on to the banana tube so hard that he ended up popping the strap off and flying off. On our tube trip the boat driver showed us Michael Jordan’s Bahamas home which was really cool to see.

As a team we have been on the lazy river every single day, and I have personally been a frequent visitor to the pool with my book (CS Lewis, Screwtape Letters) during the team nap time before we leave for the game. Tomorrow we are setting course for a private island where we will be free to snorkel and roam around while receiving the island finest barbecue. As always, Go Bears!

Tyler McCullough

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