Staying Connected with Your Student

Out of sight, out of mind? Not necessarily.  If you’ve ever felt that way, you are not alone. Students who are away at college often get so wrapped up in their life at school that it is easy to say, “I’ll call home tomorrow.”  When, the next thing she knows, days have passed and you’re left wondering if she’ll ever call.

When is a Good Time?

Talk to your student. Find out what her schedule is like (classes, organization meetings, study times, etc.) so that you’ll know when it is best to try and reach her.  Also, by understanding her schedule you will be better able to understand the types of classes and organizations that interest her.

 Methods of Communication

  • Cell Phone – Actual phone calls or text messages are a great way to check-in with your student to see how classes are going and how they are adapting, physically and mentally. 
  • Email – Sending a quick email update is a great way to keep in touch with your student. 
  • Skype or Video Call – With the advent of technology, you could use this method to actually see your student as you talk to them.
  • Postal Mail – For students living away from home, there is nothing like getting a letter or package in the mail. It sends them encouragement and a reminder that they are still though of.  Also, all residential students are issued an on-campus mailbox which allows you to send cards and packages to a secure location on campus.

 Creative Ways to Keep in Touch

  • Page-a-day calendar:  Open it up and write little notes on a few days as a surprise
  • Free e-cards:  Check out,, or
  • Local newspaper clippings:  Send those to help students stay connected with home.
  • Photos or Postcards:  Send pictures that remind your student of home, or that demonstrate things the family is doing while she is away.


Tips taken from Parent Pages 2007

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