Supporting Your Student during Finals

As the last day of classes for the fall semester comes to a close, one thing is certain — finals  week will start soon.  For many students finals week can be a stressful period of college, and as parents and families we can help our students get through the week by offering our support.  Here are a few tips that you can use as you support your student during his or her finals.

  • Finalize Travel Plans— having a concrete end to finals week, in which you can expect to see each other, may relieve stress for you and your student.
  • Try to be flexible – especially if you or your student is driving home. Time management can often be hard for students, particularly if they are leaving right after their last final, so try to “roll with the punches.”  Remember that your role is to support your students as he or she learns how to handle independence.
  • Send a gift certificate— is there a local restaurant or pizza place that your student loves to frequent?  Think about sending him or her a gift certificate as a way of showing your support from afar.  It also provides a way for you to ensure that your student is staying nourished during, what can be, a stressful time.
  • Try to avoid excessive calling— your student is probably busy with group study sessions, writing papers, and catching up on course readings, so he may be mentally exhausted after a challenging day of work.  However, that does not mean you should stop calling your student during finals week.  Stay in contact with him or her by “scheduling” phone conversations.  Let your child know when you will call next so that he can work it into his schedule.  Plus, he can use it as a “break” from studying!
  • Send an e-card—while your student is responding to emails for group projects, seeing a card from you may be the pick-me-up that he needs.  (The following sites are great resources for free e-cards:,, or
  • Send a text before a really big test to encourage your student and remind him or her that you are there to offer your support.
  • Send a care package – you can either put one together or order one through MSU Residence Hall Association (using the information included below).


Finals Care Packages

As families, we are always looking for ways to support our students. MSU’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) has provided a way for you to send support to your student, especially during Finals Week. You can choose from a variety of packages and have it sent directly to your student. For more information, including details and pricing please visit the Care Package website.


Tips taken from and The College Parent Handbook

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