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Google Analytics on blogs

Google Analytics logoWe are in the process of rolling out a new feature on all Missouri State blogs that allows for Google Analytics tracking. It is currently enabled on all blogs. You can take advantage of this plugin if you have your own Google Analytics account.

To use the built-in analytics, log in to your blog’s Dashboard, and under the Settings menu on the right you’ll find a link labeled “Google Analytics (MSU).” Click on this link and enter your Web Property ID. You can now track stats from your blog in your Google Analytics account.

We have previously been using two different third-party plugins called Google Analyticator and Ultimate Google Analytics, which were a stop-gap measure until we could build this functionality into all of our blogs. If you are currently using one of these plugins, we will switch your blog over to the new version and deactivate the old plugin. Once all blogs are switched to this new system, we will be removing both the Google Analyticator and Ultimate Google Analytics plugins from the system.

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