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Make a “statement” with our new PowerPoint template

Statement — our new flagship PowerPoint template — is now available for download.

This comprehensive template includes light and dark designs in both widescreen and standard formats.

Sample of slide layouts from Statement template

Select from more than 30 on-brand slide layouts that accommodate large photographic spreads, feature content and callout items. Additionally, modest animations add a dynamic quality to the template.

Download Statement

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Updated visual identity assets ready for download

Distinctively Missouri State

Missouri State is the proud new owner of the trademark Make Your Missouri Statement and we’re welcoming it with open arms. The phrase and mark help illustrate the Missouri State story. Please use the trademarked mark for all further projects.

Make Your Missouri Statement

Download the Make Your Missouri Statement mark

Secondary color with kick

Our robust color palette is even better. Brick City Red has been modified into a rich and more vibrant accent shade which provides increased visibility against backgrounds other than white. To ensure consistency with all future uses, please update your color palettes with the latest downloads.

Updated colors

Download color palettes 

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Social media kits available

Need to post consistently but don’t have time to look for photos? You don’t have to. Just select photos in these social media kits. This will help you provide a consistent image, which is a vital part of communication strategy. Download kits based on the bear statue, fountain and classroom. Each kit includes several photos, which are pre-cropped for timeline and header use. Here are some examples.


PSU bear during snowfall


The fountain


Dr. Pauline Nugent teaches students

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Inspiration: Student Government Association’s post on Twitter

In this series of posts we discuss creative examples of branding within the university. We do this to inspire you in your own innovative branding efforts.

Who caught our attention

Student Government Association’s tweet highlighting Chief Commissioner of Sustainability Chris Klenke and the SGA Instagram account.

Why it captures the brand

SGA incorporates recommendations for social media platforms.

Visual identity

SGA follows social media several guidelines for a clear, timely, effective message.

  • SGA uses key principles of effective social media posts. It is best to, of course, to post material appropriate for the audience; i.e., don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Organizations should still showcase personality, which SGA does, by promoting a member of the organization. It also incorporates photos, which helps posts stand out.
  • It follows brand recommendations for voice. The tone of the message conveys an organization whose members are earnest, inspiring, and direct.
  • It follows Twitter guidelines by giving its audience relevant information in a timely fashion. SGA had just updated its Instagram account and provided an update on its Twitter.  This is also mobile-friendly content, which is generally helpful since most people access Twitter on mobile devices. Users also often access Instagram on the same device.
  • It provides an actionable step and increases brand awareness. The audience spends time on one platform, then visits a second one. This increases visibility and opportunities for engagement.
  • It uses Trade Gothic font, which is recommended for bold, short messages.

How it meets SGA’s goals

SGA highlights individual members of the organization, which helps provide a face for the organization. It also demonstrates its sustainability component.

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How students can get brand swag

Welcome back to campus! We’re launching our new look to students on the first day of classes the best way we can: With free stuff that celebrates our brand refresh and the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Students can pick up Missouri State gear, popcorn and Andy’s Frozen Custard from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday, Aug. 22, 2016 at three campus locations.

What students can pick up


All hail maroon and white. What better way to celebrate being a Missouri State Bear than with this classic decoration, which can go on a stick or even on your wall.

MSU pennant


Perhaps our favorite part of the giveaway, these stickers are perfect to decorate your notebooks, phones and more. You’ll notice a pair of Clif Smart stickers are included with each set, so your favorite president can always be with you in spirit.

Brand stickers


The forecast is calling for sunny skies on Monday, so these Missouri State shades will come in handy. These fashionable sunglasses come in Bear Hug, Boomer Sky or May Day colors.Missouri State sunglasses


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Inspiration: Missouri State Foundation’s ad in Tent Theatre brochure

In this series of posts we celebrate examples of creative and engaging branding in the university community. We highlight these to inspire you in your branding.

Who caught our attention

Missouri State University Foundation’s ad in the Tent Theatre brochure.

Tent Theatre Foundation Ad_394x588

Why it captures the brand

The Foundation uses several effective visual elements to convey its message.

Visual identity

  • The Foundation demonstrates effective use of environmental photography, which is used to communicate vitality of life on campus. This photo of students dancing draws viewers to the scene by helping them to imagine hearing the music and laughter on stage.
  • It also uses statement photography, which demonstrates scenes of students actively learning. In this case, students showcase skills in acting and dancing. We also see examples of skills acquired in costume, makeup, stage production, lighting, choreography and directing. This combines for a well-rounded presentation of the Tent Theatre program and helps the viewer appreciate its impact on student performers and the audience.
  • It uses deconstructed frames, another recommended element of the branding initiative. This helps convey motion and energy and brings to mind a ticket for an event. These elements combine to invite the viewer to join the scene.
  • It uses the three recommended primary colors of maroon, black and white. They include the tertiary pop accent of “Tent Theatre orange” to make the wording stand out amidst a scene of celebration.
  • It uses Trade Gothic and Calibre font to communicate a clear, modern message.

How it meets the Foundation’s goals

Using these brand elements helps the Foundation illustrate actors showing enthusiasm and gratitude in a performance, which conveys appreciation for financial support.

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Inspiration: series of four billboards

In this series of posts we focus on effective uses of our branding strategy. We offer these examples to inspire you in your own branding efforts.

Who caught our attention

Marketing and Communications created new billboards across Missouri to tell a story. These four are located along I-70 eastbound near Warrenton.


Why it captures the brand

These new billboards replaced those that were completed in 2012. Although those were well received, they were updated in response to requests from the university community. This reflects a willingness to engage with various Missouri State audiences.

Creative platform

These four phrases emphasize the creative platform of the brand.

  1. When you have your chance to be heard.
    This communicates that you, as a representative of the university, will have an opportunity to speak up at some point. This prepares the viewer to consider herself in context of wider community of Missouri State.
  2. What statement will you make?
    Now that you are aware of the broader context, what will you say? How has university prepared you for global conversation?
  3. Find your voice and –
    decide what you believe, but be willing to listen to new ideas and change your mind.
  4. Make Your Missouri Statement.
    Considering your experience and growth at the university, decide how state your ideas and listen, integrating your experience with that of others.

Visual identity

  • They include the design element of Make Your Missouri Statement, which is an influential way to emphasize the university brand.
  • This element must be coupled with the Missouri State wordmark, that is, the university’s name written in a specific font, which it does.
  • In addition, the Bear Head can be used with the wordmark, so this billboard presents a powerful series of images that consistently use proper design elements.
  • It includes correct primary brand colors: maroon, black and white. These should be used in all communications. It also includes the secondary color of brick city red to to entice the viewer, then uses maroon to emphasize Missouri State.

Space limitations meant the message had to be concise, so Marketing and Communications used these statements. This is based on the recommendations that the the Make Your Missouri mark be used when the audience is already aware of the Missouri State brand. This is effective in this scenario due to placement of the billboards all over the state.

How it meets Missouri State’s goals

Marketing and Communications used the new branding phrase to connect with travelers who are familiar with the university. Following the creative platform guidelines provides an opportunity to encourage the audience to consider the university’s impact on them.

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Inspiration: The Missouri State Family Association’s welcome banner

In this series of posts we call attention to effective uses of our branding strategy. We offer these brief points to inspire you in your own branding efforts.

Who caught our attention

The Missouri State Family Association‘s welcome banner.

Why it captures the brand

The Family Association incorporates recommended branding elements for a consistent message.

Visual Identity

The Family Association uses several effective visual elements.

  • It displays the banner with grounding bars. These capture the viewers eye because they offer a “grounding” point for compositional grids containing three maroon bars.
  • It uses deconstructed frames, which are used to “bend” the enclosure of the frame. This provides a dynamic image that invites the viewer to connect with the message. Because of this the phrase “family lounge” now inspires images of opening a book, turning a page, receiving a ticket, or possessing a pass. It invokes closeness for viewers to connect with the school, and optimism for the student’s future at the university.
  • It uses a sans serif font called Brandon Grotesque, which is recommended for external communication with different audiences. The text font also follows recommendations that enable both scripts to complement each other. 
  • It includes all three of our primary branding colors: maroon, white, and black. It uses Carrington as a neutral font to offset the primary colors without getting lost against the white background.

How it meets the Association’s goals

This cohesive use of brand elements helps the Association connect with its targeted audience of family members of incoming students.

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An inside look at a brand celebration

Missouri State began its brand rollout with a party for faculty and staff June 24 at the Davis-Harrington Welcome Center. More than 150 people attended the celebration and received brands-in-a-bag, which included posters, pennants, note cards and Missouri State loyalty cards.

Faculty and staff also enjoyed a photo booth with fun Bears-themed props. You’re invited to take a look at the celebration in our Flickr gallery.

Brand Celebration

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New PowerPoint templates available for download

Bring your presentations on-brand with one of our newly designed PowerPoint templates. These templates incorporate key elements from the brand to help reinforce Missouri State’s core messaging as well as create a coordinated look with other newly-branded materials.

Collage of Missouri State branded PowerPoint slide templates

Four variations allow you to select a design best suited for your audience. Each variation is designed for both standard and widescreen displays, includes a light and dark theme and provides several layout options for a variety of presentation content.

Download PowerPoint templates

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