Study at MSU: Non-degree Seeking Students Application Checklist

For the non-degree seeking students, please follow the steps below to finish your application:

  • Sign “Application sign-up sheet” (Please finish this step in the office of international programs at student’s universities in China). Once sign up, the students can prepare the following application documents.
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • (This is the application form link, students should print it out and fill out the form)
  • Fill out the “International Statement of Financial Support” form. This form can be found online at
  • The proof of availability of funds for one year (The proof can be the bank statement (银行存款证明) it would be about RMB 180,000 for one year and RMB90,000
    for one semester, this is only used to demonstrate if the student has enough money to cover the one year/semester expenses).
  • Submit your TOEFL scores (minimum score is 61 for undergraduate and 79 internet-based test for graduate applicants) or IELTS scores (Minimum requirement is 5.5 for undergraduate and 6.0 for graduate application), or take the test hosted by MSU faculty (MSU will sign some faculty to give the test for students who don’t have the TOEFL scores or IELTS scores. The specific date will be announced)
  • Official Transcripts in both English and Chinese
  • Resume in English
  • Pay the application fee of RMB 350. And attach your application fee payment receipt to your application form
    Bank Account Information:

Once you have all these application doucments, please place them in this order and scan them into one pdf file. And email us the scan version of your application documents.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the office of China Programs at Missouri State University


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