Non-degree Seeking Students Registration

Think Twice Before Registration
As a non­degree seeking student at MSU, all the classes you would like to register really depend on the degree requirement in your Chinese University. MSU does have the major requirement for the class registration.So here are two suggestion for you before come to MSU:
    1. Talk to your department in China about the class registration and get the insight of classes you are going to register at MSU, in order to transfer the correct course or credit hours back
      to China and meet your degree requirement. The following links are the course catalog at
      MSU (including all the classes under different departments) for your reference:
      Undergraduate catalog:
      Graduate catalog:
    2. Think about your future study plans, such as your master degree. Then when you register
      your classes, you will have your clear direction in your mind and start to take classes toward
      to your future master study.
How to Register Classes:
Students can register classes online through “My Missouri State” system. So students can register directly from there.
For most of our non-degree seeking students, when you register classes, you might have the prerequisite issue which means the class requires students have taken other classes before this class. So for this situation, if you think you already took the prerequisite class in China, we suggest you to email the professor asking for the “Over-ride” permission by showing your transcript and your interest of taking that class.
Also when you arrive at MSU, we will help you go through the registration process.

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