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History alumnus has receives teach position

KKDr. Sarah Myers recently accepted a tenure track position as Assistant Professor of History at Saint Francis University in Central Pennsylvania for the 2016-2017 school year. Sarah received a MA in History at Missouri State University in 2009.


Sarah has created a page for the World War II Collection that she is running at SFU. It is: https://www.facebook.com/The-Joseph-E-Shirley-J-Keirn-World-War-II-Collection-1496930297291374/?ref=tn_tnmn

Congratulations Sarah!

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Economics Assistant Professor Speaks on Health and Labor Economics

Basu RoyAt the January Faculty Research Forum Dr. Subhasree Basu Roy, assistant professor of economics, shared her research related to the impact of retirement on the health outcomes of older Americans. Her findings suggest that there are negative effects of retiring on both physical and mental health, above-and-beyond the effects of age, income, health insurance coverage, pension eligibility, spousal characteristics and other factors. What makes her research unique is the focus on relatively objective measures of health rather than self-reports and addressing the issue of reverse causality between health and retirement. She found a nine percent increase in probability of multiple chronic health problems among people who fully retire and same-aged people who had not retired and a seven percent increase in depression. Fully retired people are also more likely to report a hospital stay than their working counterparts. These findings help scholars to better understand the real impacts of life changes such as retirement on our lives and policy implication of deferring retirement age.

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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Meet

Returned Peack Corps VolunteersThe Springfield Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) group enjoyed a meal at Rama Thai on January 25th.  As former United States Peace Corps Volunteers, members served a minimum of two years countries from all world regions performing duties such as teaching English, working in the health sector, assisting small business enterprises, and providing agricultural assistance.  The organization holds monthly social gatherings at various restaurants and engages in local volunteer projects, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Ozarks Food Harvest.

For more information about the group, interested parties can contact the group organizer, Dr. Ashley Leinweber, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Missouri State University at aleinweber@missouristate.edu.

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History Professor Receives Award

Eric Nelson’s article, which was awarded the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference’s Nancy Lyman Roelker Prize, looks at how the history of Paola and the Minim Order was recorded.

“The problem I came across when studying Paola was that almost none of what the written histories told me matched what documents from the actual time period said,” said Nelson.

That was when Nelson realized he had two stories: one from the 1620s written history, and one that had happened but was still largely unknown. It took several years of searching in Paris, the archives of Tour in France, as well as research in Rome to uncover the full story.

For more information please see:  http://news.missouristate.edu/2016/01/11/ht-eric-nelson-st-francis-of-paola/?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=feed

Dr. Eric Nelson
Dr. Eric Nelson
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Ancient Egyptians were Resourceful

Julia TrocheDr. Julia Troche, instructor in the history department at Missouri State University and co-curator for an interactive exhibit at Brown University that focuses on ancient Egyptian artifacts, studies the resourcefulness of the ancient Egyptians.

“What interests me the most about Egyptian technology is not that they used extravagant tools, but how much they could do with really simple things,” said Troche. “They really harnessed the power of everything they had around them. They used the sun, general observation and really simple tools to do extraordinary things.”

For more information please see: http://news.missouristate.edu/2015/12/08/egypt/


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History Professor publishes book on dress and identity

DressWhat is dress? Though many people think of clothing when they hear the term, dress is actually considered, at least by social historians, to be any addition or supplement to the human body. Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi, assistant professor of history, recently published a book focused on how our dress establishes our identity. Oyeniyi’s book, “Dress in the Making of African Identity: A Social and Cultural History of the Yoruba People,” focuses on the history of Yoruba — a people in Nigeria — dress and the various changes that have occurred to it, as well as the history of the Yoruba people as seen through dress. “Although societies conceive of dress differently, there are two common purposes of dress in all societies,” explained Oyeniyi. “The first purpose is the need to protect the body from the elements and unauthorized visual intrusion, while the second is the need to create, reinforce and project both individual and corporate identity.” Oyeniyi believes that in order to function effectively in our increasingly “globalized village,” we must learn as much as we can about other peoples, cultures, products and values. “The overarching lesson of the book is recognizing and understanding individual and group differences and respecting these differences,” explained Oyeniyi. “Conflicts and civil wars — including terrorism — could be a thing of the past if we can individually and collectively identify and respect other people’s or group’s peculiarities, preferences and values.” Oyeniyi says that understanding who and what we are in both private and public spaces is essential for effective engagement. “To end all conflicts, to stimulate trade, to ensure good governance, to ensure better relations and so on,” said Oyeniyi, “we need to know and respect what we share as members of the human community and what makes us different.” “I have found that dress and identity are inexorably tied and that dress is not a value-free cultural material,” stated Oyeniyi. “It is laden with meanings that we often take for granted.” Oyeniyi has also discovered that dress can take precedence over speech in any encounter, so a person could ‘lie’ with dress. Dress also expresses a current or an aspired state, and people often dress the way they want to be addressed. “This is the first book to holistically establish a relationship between dress and individual and group identity,” said Oyeniyi. “In fact, the book establishes that being a Yoruba man or woman cannot be dissociated from Yoruba dress and that Yoruba dress cannot also be dissociated from being a Yoruba man or woman. The book shows the different ways through which Yoruba people — rich or poor, male or female, old or young — create and express taxonomic sameness and difference whether as individuals or as members in a group.”

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St. Louis alum joins Board of Governors

Gabriel GoreGovernor Nixon has appointed Gabriel “Gabe” Gore as the newest member of our Board of Governors. Governor Gore will represent the First District, and his term will expire on Jan. 1, 2021. We are excited about Mr. Gore’s appointment, and we are confident that his expertise will prove beneficial to Missouri State.

Mr. Gore is an alumnus of Missouri State University having received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with honors in 1991. Mr. Gore is a partner with the Dowd Bennett law firm in St. Louis. He practices in the areas of complex civil litigation and white collar defense. Before coming to Dowd Bennett, Mr. Gore clerked for a federal appellate judge, served as an assistant United States attorney and served as an assistant special counsel for the John C. Danforth Office of Special Counsel. Mr. Gore has also worked with the Williams & Connolly law firm in Washington D.C. and the Bryan Cave law firm.

Please join me in congratulating Mr. Gore on his appointment and thanking him for his willingness to serve.

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Dennis Hickey Travels to China

Political Science professor, Dennis Hickey,  recently returned from Beijing China where he met with scholars, academics and officials to discuss the implications of the forthcoming presidential election in Taiwan slated for January 16.

While in Beijing Dr. Hickey had lunch with Aaron Kruse.  Aaron graduated from the MGS program in 2014.  After a year with the MSU program in Dalian, he accepted a position as a lecturer with Tsinghua University in Beijing.

The pollution was extreme.  Dr. Hickey commented, “I’ve lived in China for years and I’ve never seen anything as bad as I saw the last several days.  Every time you think it cannot get any worse–it gets worse.  Yesterday, they closed all the runways except one at the airport. Our pilot announced he could not tell us where we were in the long line to take off because he could only faintly see the outline and lights of the one plane in front of us.   I cannot believe we took off in that poisonous soup–but we did”.

Dr. Hickey has been invited to Taiwan to serve as an election observer and participate in a post-election symposium.

Dr. Hickey presenting guest lecture at People's University.
Dr. Hickey presenting guest lecture at People’s University.
Dr. Hickey and Aaron Kruse
Dr. Hickey and Aaron Kruse


Taxi ride with pollution mask.
Taxi ride with pollution mask.
Sporting Bearwear and showing pollution outside window
Sporting Bearwear and showing pollution outside window
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