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The following news articles are about events, people, and places related to the College of Natural of Applied Sciences. Click a link to read an individual article.

Winter 2010

In memory of Dr. Lawrence E. Banks Jr.
A few words from the Dean
Mountain Grove Cellars sold out!
W.E.T. and W.I.L.D. for college credit
Student programs GPS service to track shuttles
CNAS associate dean receives national teaching recognition
Managing your online presence
Students visit Portland for bat conference
CNAS emeriti recognized for lifelong accomplishments
MSU engineering students receive scholarships
MSU scores at Fashion Group International contest
Darr Agricultural Center enters Phase III
CNAS spring speaker series
Materials science students shine
Math grant to help high school students
Tom Kachel retires after nearly 30 years
Advisory board “on board” with progress
Missouri State professor gone “batty”
Expanding Your Horizons 2009
Biologist migrates north at snails pace
CNAS professors visit Ecuador
JVIC offers incredible opportunities for interns
A note from Jaimie Trussell
Our Promise

Summer 2009

Biology Benefits from Association with National Park Service
College Update
2010 Joint Geological Society of America Meeting to be Held
Geography Class Comes Face-to-Face with Tornado
JETS® TEAMS Competition Launches Students
Computer Science Students Create Video Game
2009 Senior Interior Design Show
Mountain Grove Cellars Wins Again!
Missouri Science Olympiad
In Memory of Dr. Charles Stufflebeam
Annual Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair
2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup
OEWRI Partners with James River Basin Partnership
Dr. Cheng Elected to MAA Board of Governors
Biology Professor Finishes Year as Provost Fellow for Public Affairs
Green Leadership Academy
Department Honored
AG Horsemen Place at Nationals
Engineering Students Form NSPE Chapter
Biologists are once again outstanding in their field
Missouri State Agriculture Majors Lead Way for State FFA
Student Receives Marsh M. White Award
CNAS Welcomes New Department Head
CNAS Graduates’ Successes
A note from Jaimie Trussell
2009 Imagine Fashion Show

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