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Diane May, emeritus faculty from CRPM, receives award

The American Planning Association Missouri Chapter awarded the 2016 Distinguished Leadership Award for a Professional Planner to emeritus faculty member, Diane May, AICP (pictured left, with Dean Tammy Jahnke). She was recognized for her service and dedication to the planning profession at …

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Student, alumni, professor prepare poster for chemistry conference

Jacob Robison, graduate student in the chemistry department, presented the poster “Synthesis and Characterization of New PEGylated Poly(estersulfide) Denrimers,” co-authored with alumni Jonathan Fury and Dr. Reza Sedaghat-Herati, professor, at the 242nd National American Chemical Society meeting in Denver, Colo.

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BIO graduates update

Former Biology graduate student Justin Boyles (advisor: Dr. Lynn Robbins) has an article in this week’s issue of Science (see attached).  Justin received a Ph.D from Indiana State University and is now a Post-Doc at the University of Pretoria (Africa). …

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CNAS Graduates’ Successes

David Vinyard left Missouri State University in 2008 and immediately began work on his PhD at Princeton University. He was awarded the Stanley A. Lefkowitz *70 Fellowship, for a top first-year chemistry graduate student. David also was selected for a …

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