CNAS NEWS – May 15, 2017

CNAS Leadership Team Changes –

There will be a complete turnover of CNAS associate deans over the summer.

  • Dan Beckman is retiring!  He’s moving to Idaho in June, but will continue to teach a few online courses for biology in the coming year.  Dan worked hard on bringing together a number of interdisciplinary teams and worked on a proposal to increase opportunities for diverse students in STEM.  We will miss his wisdom and enthusiasm!  Thank you, Dan!
  • Jorge Rebaza is not leaving the university but is moving to a new administrative position – interim department head of computer science.  That appointment begins July 1, 2017.  Thank you, Jorge!
  • Erich Steinle is going back to the chemistry department to work with more graduate students and work toward his next faculty promotion.  Erich did a superb job of meeting the needs of our secondary education programs in science by helping to provide DESE matrices and other needs for secondary education.  We are in a better position to move forward in this area because of the work that Erich did these last two years.  Erich also helped monitor the MNAS program students and edited the newest MNAS brochure that will be printed this summer.  Thank you, Erich!
  • Ken Vollmar, current department head of computer science, will be taking vacation this summer and a one-semester leave this fall.  We look forward to his return in January of 2018 as professor of computer science.  Ken is an outstanding educator and advisor.  He has plans during the fall semester to prepare for new classes and a research program.   We wish you all the best during this time away and look forward to your return next year!  Thank you, Ken!

Please join me in thanking Dan, Jorge and Erich for their service to the Dean’s office and their continued service to Missouri State University.  Please join me in thanking Ken for his service to computer science and CNAS; and we look forward to his continued service to Missouri State University students!

New CNAS Associate Deans

  • Kyoungtae Kim will begin serving as associate dean of research and graduate programs on June 1, 2017.   Kyoungtae is currently professor of biology.  Last year he won the Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence as well as the Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • Xiaomin Qiu will begin serving as associate dean of student success on July 1, 2017.  Xiaomin, a geospatial scientist, is currently associate professor in geography, geology and planning.

Please help me welcome Kyoungtae and Xiaomin to the Dean’s office.  I look forward to working with them for the next two years!

May 19        Spring 2017 Commencement (CNAS is 5:00 PM) – CNAS Grad Reception at 2:30 in CARR 208

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