CNAS Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum 2017 Results

Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum

Fifty-two graduate students from CNAS presented their results at the Graduate College Interdisciplinary Forum.  All abstracts are posted at  The following CNAS Faculty mentored student projects this year:

  • Chris Barnhart (BIO)
  • Albert Barreda (HL)
  • Rich Biagioni (CHM)
  • Mahua Biswas (PAMS)
  • Eric Bosch (CHM)
  • Dave Cornelison (PAMS)
  • Toby Dogwiler (GGP)
  • Paul Durham (BIO)
  • Kevin Evans (GGP)
  • Nick Gerasimchuk (CHM)
  • Kartik Ghosh (PAMS)
  • Doug Gouzie (GGP)
  • Brian Greene (BIO)
  • Melida Gutierrez (GGP)
  • Laszlo Kovacs (BIO)
  • Jun Luo (GGP)
  • Sean Maher (BIO)
  • Alicia Mathis (BIO)
  • Bob Mayanovic (PAMS)
  • Judy Meyer (GGP)
  • Xin Miao (GGP)
  • Gary Michelfelder (GGP)
  • Kevin Mickus (GGP)
  • Saibal Mitra (PAMS)
  • Bob Pavlowsky (GGP)
  • Peter Plavchan (PAMS)
  • Ridwan Sakidja (PAMS)
  • Alan Schick (CHM)
  • Paul Schweiger (BIO)
  • Matt Siebert (CHM)
  • Maria Stepanova (PAMS)
  • Tom Tomasi (BIO)


POSTER PRESENTATION Honorable Mention Awards to CNAS Students

Rachel Bradley – GGP

Geomorphic Disturbance and Anthropogenic Modifications in Big Barren Creek, Mark Twain National Forest, Southeast Missouri

Faculty Advisor – Bob Pavlowsky



 Zachary Wilson – CHM

Quantum Chemical Calculations Describing the Thermal Cracking of the Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Methyl Linoleate

Faculty Advisor – Matt Siebert


Joseph Nash – GGP

Monitoring engineered log structure implementation in the North Fork of the White River, Missouri Ozarks

Faculty Advisor – Bob Pavlowsky


ORAL PRESENTATION Honorable Mention Awards to CNAS Students

Stacy Armstrong Smith – GGP

Concentration and Trends for Summer Bacteria levels in Local Streams

Faculty Advisor – Bob Pavlowsky


Snow Popis – CHM

The Silver Cyanoximate Bullet:  Investigations into Biocidal Effects of Silver complexes in Medical Resins

Faculty Advisor – Nikolay Gerasimchuk


Kendell Loyd – BIO

Synchronization of Spawning by Temperature in Deertoe Mussel (Truncilla Truncata)

Faculty Advisor – Chris Barnhart


Zachary Harris – BIO

Long Non-Coding RNAs in Grapevine

Faculty Advisor – Laszlo Kovacs


Shah Alam Limon – PAMS

Iron Ion Transit in Ferritin Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Faculty Advisor – Maria Stepanova



Dylan Maag – BIO

First season results on the spatial ecology and habitat selection of pygmy rattlesnakes (Sistrurus miliarius) in Southwestern Missouri

Faculty Advisor – Brian Greene


Michal Bulak – PAMS

Analogues of atmospheres of hot rocky planets outside of the solar system

Faculty Advisor – Dave Cornelison


Wesley Weichert – GGP

Cyclostratigraphic Trends of d13C in Upper Camrian Carbonate Cycles:  Implications for Astronmical Forcing

Faculty Advisor – Kevin Evans


Shannon Rentz – GGP

Incremental development of the magma reservoir beneath the Mogollon Datil Volcanic Field, New Mexico:  Insights from U-Pb geochronology and trace element geochemistry of zircon

Faculty Advisor – Gary Michelfelder


OTHER AWARDS to CNAS Students and Faculty

Outstanding TA – Kendall Loyd (BIO)

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