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September 12, 2016

The Department of Hospitality and Restaurant Administration has changed its name to Department of Hospitality Leadership.


Former students receive Teacher of the Year nominations!

Two former CNAS students, Keith Stevenson (geology) and Adrienne Deckard (biology), were nominated for the 2016 Regional Teacher of the Year by the COE Leadership Council. Stevenson (Lutie RVI) and Deckard (Springfield schools) were two of ten total teachers nominated, three of which will go to the state level. An event tonight, Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. in the Crystal Room of Kentwood Hall will make the nominations official and celebrate the teachers.


Student Resources page on our website is being updated to get ready for the fall. Check it out and forward to your students.

Study groups have formed for several CNAS classes.  If you there are students in your class who would like some help in organizing a study group, contact Associate Dean Jorge Rebaza.

Women in STEM Event on September 23


ICYMI (in case you missed it) …

  • Adam Wanekaya is featured in the current Mind’s Eye.
  • Jason Ray is named new director of CRPM.  Congratulations, Jason!
  • Article with video from Dr. Michelle Bowe – What kind of tree is that?  The Ozarks are well-known for their lush forests and beautiful landscapes. But, have you ever wondered the names of certain trees? There are several easy identifying marks you can use to figure it out. “Once you have a leaf, the next step is figuring out if it is simple or compound,” said Dr. Michelle Bowe, senior instructor of biology at Missouri State University. “If they’re simple, that means they have only one blade, but if they’re compound they have more than one blade.” From there, you’ll look at the shape of the leaf. Is it heart-shaped? Does it have teeth around the edges? Questions like these can help you identify the type of tree.
  • Members of Dr. Alicia Mathis’ (Department of Biology) research lab made several presentations at the national meeting of the Animal Behavior Society in Columbia, Missouri, this summer.  Dr. Mathis also made a presentation at the Highlands Conference on Plethodontid Salamander Biology in North Carolina. Here’s a picture of the entire MSU group, including three alumni, who attended the conference.


Back row: Justin Shew (alumnus), Adam Crane (alumnus), Dr. Mathis, Whitney Heuring (alumna). 

Front row: Katie Gardner (undergraduate), Ben Dalton (staff),  Paige Farmer (undergraduate), Sarah Heimbach, Colton Lynn


Sept 12-19      Public Affairs Week

Sept 18           BIO Picnic & Scholarship reception, 12:00-4:00, Springfield Lake

Sept 20           CNAS Public lecture series – Dr. Dean Cuebas, 7:00-8:00, Temple 001

Sept 23           Women in STEM Event

Sept 24           Fall Showcase

Sept 26           State of the University Address, 12:15 PM, PSU Theatre

Sept 27-29     Fall Academic Integrity Days

Sept 28           Majors Fair

Sept 28           STEM Lecture at Library Center – Dr. Paul Schweiger, 7-8 PM

Oct 12-13       HSP Recruiters’ Fair

Oct 13            Scholarship Reception (3 PM) and Emeritus Dinner (5:30 PM)

Oct 14            Wall of Fame ceremony, 4 PM, PSU Ballroom

Oct 15            Homecoming 2016!

Oct 21-22       Tri-State Water Coalition meeting, Darr Ag Center


As always, please submit items for the next CNAS NEWS! 

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