Leadership Council: June 16, 2016

COE Leadership Council
June 16, 2016
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Hill 314



Attendees: David Hough, Tami Arthaud, Gilbert Brown, Scott Fiedler, Deanna Hallgren, Cathy Pearman, Debra Price, James Sottile, Denise Cunningham, Candace Fairbairn, Kim Dubree, Juli Panza

Guest: Angie Miller, Dept. Chair of Teacher Education and A.A.T. Coordinator, OTCC
Angie Miller attended the meeting to discuss the Statewide Articulation Agreement Between Missouri Four-Year Colleges and Universities and Missouri Public Community Colleges for the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT). Dean Hough handed out copies of the OTC-MSU October 1, 2015 meeting on enrollment highlights. MSU had 714 transfers from OTC during 2015, with 45 to the College of Education. Angie asked everyone to discuss what will and won’t work for the classes listed in the ATT. The following courses were discussed:
Educational Psychology
– DESE now has 3 requirements that our PSYC360 meets. The OTC EDU250 syllabus does not mention child and adolescent psychology. It was recommended to change the language in the syllabus.
Educational Technology
– No changes recommended
Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society
– This needs to be compared to our course, EDC345, which includes our students being involved in a community service project. Dean Hough mentioned the summer intersession Study Away Program to Alabama. He would like to promote it to students at OTC for next summer. Angie mentioned there could be financial problems for some of the students. Even so, Angie would like to work with COE to explore options and communicate the opportunity to OTC students. Gilbert asked if the program could also be for non-education students. We could work with other departments to make it work. Community members could also participate. The Dean suggested OTC faculty meet with MSU faculty who teach EDC 345, so they can share course content, approaches, and expectations. Cathy Pearman said she and Tuesda Roberts will work with Angie to make the class work.

Dean Hough said the students that transfer to our college from OTC tend to complete programs in good standing and asked Angie if she knew why the numbers are going down and if she tracks AAT students. Angie said the 2.75 GPA could be a factor and that she does not track AAT students. OTC students that register early and have a higher GPA seem to do better as far as continuing with their education.

Teaching Profession with Field Experience
– Angie removed the heavy emphasis on teacher professionalism. There were not any concerns about this course.

The next step is for Angie to make revisions to the AAT document.

Gilbert Brown discussed the COE initiatives with China. He was recently in China on an exploratory trip. He attended alumni reunion events, visited universities and some of the landmarks. MSU has three MOUs with Chinese institutions. The one between Liaoning Normal University and Greenwood High School is the best one to articulate with. He would like to see us get involved with some of the institutions. We need to develop programs with faculty, not just have them go as if it is a vacation. Last fall ten students from Hainan came to MSU and took some classes. Gilbert asked Jim Baker to give him a best practices template to work with. Dean Hough said the purpose for working with the various universities is for their students to earn a degree that would help them when they go back. Gilbert is going to talk to Emmett Sawyer regarding working with the MAT Program. It is a good idea to have community events for the international students to be involved in when they are here.

Gilbert also talked about the upcoming Springfield MarooNation Ball on June 25th. This is the first time the alumni association is having one here. It is an opportunity for faculty and staff to attend. The dean has paid for a table of ten, which should consist of eight alumni and friends of the college and two COE faculty/staff. Email Gilbert if you would be interested in attending.

James Sottile & Scott Fiedler discussed the Temporary Authorization Certificate (TAC). The certificate will only be used selectively for those students we have no way to help. It will not be posted on the web. Let James or Scott know if you have any questions about it.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m. Department Heads were asked to stay and meet with the dean to discuss workloads, summer teaching, and leave reporting.

Submitted by Sharon Lopinot

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