Leadership Council: July 21, 2016

COE Leadership Council
July 21, 2016
9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Hill 314

Dean David Hough called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

In attendance: David Hough, Gilbert Brown, Denise Cunningham, Janice Duncan, Karen Engler, Deanna Hallgren, James Satterfield, Becky Swearingen (for Cathy Pearman), Scott Fiedler, Kim Dubree, Eric Sheffield, Ximena Uribe-Zarain, Mandy Lee

Guests: Erin Parrish, Amy Blansit
Erin Parrish, Director of Research Administration, attended the meeting to discuss indirect waivers. It is University policy to include indirect costs (buildings, their maintenance, support offices, etc.) in all external funded projects/grants. Indirect costs are determined in conjunction with the US department of Health and Human Services. Currently, the percentage rate for all grants to cover indirect costs is:
40.5% organized research
32% other sponsored activities
These costs must be included in the proposals before being submitted. If indirect costs are not allowed by the sponsor, you need to have official, written documentation from the sponsor stating indirect costs are not allowed. The paperwork needs to be signed off by the department head, dean and Vice President of Research. This needs to be included before submitting the paperwork. The dean noted that he is not sure that everyone understands that we can’t negotiate agreements without prior approval and there needs to be a better understanding of the entire process. The dean asked department heads to discuss this with their faculty staff and to inform them to meet with Erin prior to submitting paperwork. Erin gave an example of a $100,000 grant that included the 40.5% indirect for a total $140,500. The breakdown of the indirect charges would be as follows:

• 35% goes to the VP for Research = $14,175
• 25% goes to the College IR Account = $10, 125
• 15% goes to the Department IR Account = $6,075
• 10% goes to support additional PI expenses = $4,050
• 15% goes to other MSU admin offices = $6,075

At the May budget committee meeting, the dean discussed $124,000 our college was given for increased enrollment to be used for new faculty positions based on program growth. Department heads were asked to submit Requests for Positions (RFPs) by July 1st, which would be discussed. Three RFPs were discussed:

-Asst. Professor/Fulltime Instructor, RFT, EDC345/Diversity – Eric Sheffield
Dr. Tuesda Roberts will start in the fall as an Assistant Professor and teach two sections of this class; three in the spring. They still need adjuncts to cover the classes. The program is growing. They need another person with a dedicated background. Dean Hough and Gilbert Brown attended the Academic Leadership Council retreat yesterday. The dean said part of the discussion was to have a conversation to see if it was feasible to reduce all programs to 120 hours; which some colleges already have. Ours is 124-125. The dean went on to ask if the person hired could be given some recruitment/retention responsibilities, another topic from yesterday. Gilbert believes EDC345 could be the most effective class campus-wide to help with retention. It was discussed to work toward EDC345 becoming a general education course. By hiring an instructor, the person hired would be able to work on retention and recruitment because they would not be required to work toward tenure/promotion. Eric will discuss this with his department and report back. He will also discuss moving toward the class being a general education course.
-Asst. Professor, CEFS, CFD – Denise Cunningham
A new CFD assistant professor has been hired for the fall. They need another faculty member. CFD courses are large (45 students/class). This position was approved last year but put on hold for funding. CFD shows the most growth in the college. This includes the Child Life program which is also accelerating. CFD faculty are working on two new certificates, one being Youth Ministry, which should draw a good number of new students. The dean said since this was previously approved and he has the funding, she should move forward.
-Asst. Professor, CEFS, ECE – Denise Cunningham
Denise said this would be another strategic hire. Early Childhood has a high growth area and is going to be offering an accelerated masters degree which will take off. Denise has hired a fulltime clinical instructor that will have 30/31 students in her methods classes.

The dean said the RFT and CEFS-ECE positions would be discussed by Faculty Advisory Council at their next meeting. David Brown and Cindy Hail are both retiring as of next year. Roberta Aram retired this summer and Donna Breault left the university.

The LC discussed issues associated with the RPDC Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES) training sessions. Kim Dubree said Candace Fairbairn was going to give refresher training on MEES at their supervisor meeting on August 18th, but new supervisors would need to take the full training through RPDC. Candace also told Kim she was going to one of the RPDC sessions to see how it was. The dean would like to form a team that would include a public school person to work on a better way to make faculty and staff more aware of MEES and its interface with student teaching evaluations. Kim would also like to include a student teacher supervisor on the team. This will be discussed further after the dean returns from meetings in Jefferson City designed to address a number of issues associated with the student teaching experience including the selection and preparation of cooperating teachers / master teachers and the evaluation of student teachers as part of the MEES. (See attachments to these minutes.)

In addition to clinical experiences, Beginning Teacher Assistance Programs (BTAP) need to be reviewed in conjunction with MEES. Regional Summits (per the attachment referenced above) focused on cooperating teachers and the creation of a seamless partnership among DESE, IHEs, and PK-12 schools to transition candidates into classroom teaching will be implemented as part of the Missouri network for Transforming Educator Preparation (MoTEP). Dean Hough will participate in the design of these regional summits along with others who are a part of the MoTEP initiative. The goal is to improve field and clinical experiences, AKA student teaching, by being more intentional and proactive in the selection and preparation of cooperating teachers, to form professional partnership between PK-12 teachers, principals, and university supervisors, interface with MEES, and create a seamless transition from candidate to classroom teacher. The MoTEP goal is to ensure all beginning teachers are “Learner Ready Day One.” Much more to come. . . .

Amy Blansit, an instructor in the Kinesiology department and working on her doctorate attended the meeting to discuss the Northwest Project. It is covered by a five-year grant. The last three years they have been working with the Grant Beach neighborhood building infrastructure. They have community clean up days and are working to improve the neighborhood. The three main areas they work with are family relationships, education/job training and financial (including credit scores). They meet with families every Thursday starting with dinner at 5:30 p.m. and following with programming at 6:00 p.m. Children are in “supervised play” while they meet with the adults. There are different groups for the adults including literacy. Dean Hough asked what our college could do. Amy said one of the goals our faculty could help with is implementing curriculum. They have numerous student volunteers but wouldn’t turn anyone away. This will also be discussed further.

Gilbert Brown discussed improving student retention, increasing diversity and creating college plans. He is looking at college plans and working on the One Missouri Initiative to get funding to work with more underrepresented students. The dean read from a report regarding the six-year graduation rates for first generation students. COE is 73.43%; the highest of all of the colleges. We are doing well and need to look at what we are doing. We need to discuss why our students are not graduating in less time. GEP100 is college specific and an important class for first year students. We need to pay greater attention to first year generation student and get families more engaged. Gilbert went on to say our college is leading the other colleges in our new faculty and staff appointments as far as diversity. We need to be reaching more students. Faculty need to play a greater role. Dean Hough reiterated that the major focus this year is to recruit, retain and track employment.


Regarding who attends Leadership Council meetings, Dean Hough said department heads, associate deans and unit leaders on LC need to determine who should attend a particular meeting depending on the agenda topics. Anyone is welcome to attend if they have the time available. The dean will have Leadership Team meetings with the department heads and associate deans at least once a month before or after LC to discuss topics specifically for them.


Around the Table

Ximena Uribe-Zarain
Ximena is working on information for the college meeting on August 19th.

James Satterfield
James discussed a payroll audit that was taking place regarding a small issue that occurred over time in RPDC, which is being worked on. Also, a large portion of money has not been paid yet to RPDC or possibly wasn’t billed yet. He is working with internal audit on this. Dean Hough said units were instructed how to handle money received after the MSU Bookstore incident. The dean also said that if staff are entitled to work overtime it must be approved by the immediate supervisor prior to putting in the hours. This was not handled correctly at RPDC. James added that it was a good thing people involved in this incident were very forthright and honest about it.

Kim Dubree
They are in the process of collecting clearance documents (1,500 students) for fall. Student teaching applications are due August 1st.

Karen Engler
Karen is the new Director of Secondary Education. She has been at the university 25 years and teaches in Communication Sciences & Disorders. She will be in the Hill Hall office on Thursdays.

Scott Fiedler
The MOCA and MoPTA scores need to be loaded (Leslie Champagne).

Deanna Hallgren
They are getting ready for the new year. All classes are full and they have waiting lists.

Janice Duncan
Enrollment numbers should be above last year. There have been numerous programs in their building all summer. One of their students is currently doing a seven-week internship in Korea. They will be offering a one-week study away at Yellowstone National Park this year.

Meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

Submitted by Sharon Lopinot

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