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SWRPDC Office Meeting Notes: August 15, 2012

Southwest RPDCOffice Meeting Notes

August 15, 2012

9:00 AM- Noon

I.Welcome and Review Agenda

Introductions of staff to new members of meeting


Dean Hough from the COE discussed topics including increased College enrollment, K-5 Math Specialist Program recently approved and extended an invitation for RPDC representatives to join his weekly COE Leadership Group meetings. Dr. Hough also discussed the need for increased communication and collaboration between the SWRPDC and the COE. SWRPDC will send representatives to COE Leadership meetings and will invite COE representatives to attend future office meetings.
PLC Consultant Jay Roth reported that there was no significant action with regard to the communication committee at this time, however he is scheduled to participate in conference call tomorrow (Aug.17) and will report back
Director Suzy Cutbirth reviewed the calendar offerings and extended an invitation to COE to attend.


Dr. Dennis Cooper, State Area Supervisor, provided definitions for Focus/Priority school determination and shared information on “Super SubGroup” definitions as set forth in MSIP 5
There was a general discussion on what is known “now” as to implications for RPDC with regard to state accreditation work – still awaiting clarification from DESE

IV.Consolidated Work

Each staff member was provided “proposed” flow chart for work determination with participating buildings/districts – no information available as yet on which buildings have indicated to DESE they will join – those on list will be invited to informational meeting to clarify opportunity presented in DESE letter (will wait until end of month meeting with Directors/DESE to formulate)
Director Suzy Cutbirth reviewed office processes/procedures. Invoicing structure was reviewed clarifying 4 levels of support offered by RPDC this year due to Consolidated/Contract/ Consortia/Fund Generating expectations.

V. New Learning (Visible Learning, Chapter 7)

New learning postponed due to time constraints – will pick up next meeting and extend our meeting time to accommodate.

VI.Action Items

Suzy Cutbirth to check with Directors re: state-wide evaluation tool – still using/ can we modify/ purpose etc.
Suzy Cutbirth will send agenda and invitation to monthly meeting to College of Ed. prior to each meeting
Nancy.Brannon, federal area supervisor, will walk everyone through the DESE data portal at next meeting
Jay Roth will review instructions for DropBox and Remote Desk Top at next meeting

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