Students showcase new mobile app for Missouri State visitors

mockupTwo computer science students, Joshua Li and Greg Donnell, have demonstrated a mobile app for guidance to high-resolution Missouri State University locations from a user’s present location. The app uses GPS and other features typical on modern smartphones.

The app has potential to guide visitors in the “last ten miles” of a visit – once they get to the Springfield interstate exit, guide them straight to the parking lot and destination building.  In addition to permanent buildings, the menu could contain information on one-time or annual events, with guidance to the check-in location for that event. Additional features may include a live superposition of a visitor’s pathway upon live photo or map feed.

Screenshot_DThese students are a point of pride for our department. Nice work!

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One Response to Students showcase new mobile app for Missouri State visitors

  1. Wow! The pictures of the app look pretty impressive. We offer programs to help even younger students get involved in app design so they can join the ranks of Li and Donnell in changing our future in the use of technology. Check out the app programming courses on our website. In addition, we begin hiring INSTRUCTORS for our summer app programming courses in November.