Diversity Landmarks Approved for Campus Warming Activity

Diversity LandmarksOn Monday, December 10th, the MSU Administrative Council approved Diversity Landmarks as a campus warming activity. Diversity Landmarks, named in reference to the planting of diversity placards along sidewalks and entryways, is a campus warming activity designed to promote awareness and to display diversity sentiments of campus constituents. The purpose of Diversity Landmarks is three-fold: 1) Convey diversity as a critical component of academic excellence, 2) Remind us that MSU values every person and the richness that cultural perspectives and life experiences contribute to its academic mission, and 3) Provide an inclusive process for individual expression and recognition. The call for Landmarks will begin just after Spring break in March 2013. During this time, faculty, staff and students may submit original or borrowed quotations for review and entry into the slate of Landmarks to be planted in Fall 2013 during the first week of classes.

The approval of Landmarks is a significant achievement for the MSU campus as the campus now has an annual activity that engages all its community members. Watch for the first call for Landmarks, coming soon in March 2013!

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