2013 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese DragonWishing you and your family a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year Festival is the most important holiday in China and other Asian countries. This year, Chinese New Year Day falls on February 11, marking the beginning of the Year of Snake.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and enhance the awareness of the Asian culture on campus, the Modern & Classical Language Department, the China Program Office, College of Humanities and Public Affairs and Association of Chinese Students and Scholars will deliver a series of Chinese cultural activities at Siceluff Library124 (Lion Dance and Shaolin Gongfu demonstration will be held at PSU Theatre). These activities will start on Chinese New Year Day, February 11 (Monday) and end on February 15 (Friday), 2013. The events will include Chinese arts and handicrafts exhibitions, talks on Chinese New Year, Beijing Opera, Martial Arts films, Tea Ceremony, Chinese Dumpling Workshop, Lion Dance, Demonstrations of Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Chinese Paintings and Chinese music performance. All these events involve MSU faculty, staff and students. Symbolic snacks, Chinese tea and dumplings will also be provided during the events. All the events are free and open to MSU faculty, staff, students and Springfield community. Please come to join us to celebrate this wonderful Chinese Snake Year.

If you have any questions, please contact weirongyan@missouristate.edu.

Location: Siceluff Library 124 and PSU TheatreDates: February 11-15, 2013
Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Open to the public at no charge

Event Schedule

February 11, Monday

-10:00 – 11 am: Introduction of Chinese New Year by Dr. Weirong Schaefer & Professor Jimo Zhang, Modern & Classical Language Department

-12:00 – 12:45 pm: Lion Dance by FuHok Studio at PSU Theatre

-1:00 – 2:00 pm: Shaolin Gongfu Demonstration by FuHok Studio at PSU Theatre

– 2:30 – 3:30 pm:  Chinese Paper Cutting Introduction & Demonstration by Hing Wah Hatch, and Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration by Yang Li

February 12, Tuesday

1:30 -2:30 pm: Beijing Opera Talk by Dr. Yili Shi, English Department

– 2:30- 3:00 pm: Beijing Opera Mask Painting Demonstration by Hing Wah Hatch

February 13, Wednesday

– 11:00 am– 11:45am:  Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration by Zhongkun, Zhou

– 12:00 -2:00 pm:  Martial Arts Film Introduction and Martial Arts Film Screening by Dr. M. A. Butler, History Department

February 14, Thursday

-11:30 am- 12:30 pm:  Chinese Tea Ceremony by Xi’ou Gong, Chinese Specialist, COB

– 12:30 pm -1:30 pm: Chinese Authentic Dumpling Workshop by Dr Huiming Li, Visiting scholar, Remin University of China

February 15, Friday

– 11:50 -12:50 pm: Chinese Music Performance by Dr. John Prescott, Music Department

– 1:30 pm – 2: 30 pm: Twelve Year Animals Painting Demonstration by Hing Wah Hatch

Hosted by the Modern & Classical Languages Department, the China Program Office, College of Humanities and Public Affairs, and Association of Chinese Students and Scholars.
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