Diversity Landmarks – Submit Your Quote!

Diversity Landmarks, named in reference to the planting of diversity placards along sidewalks and entryways, is a campus warming activity designed to promote awareness and display diversity sentiments of campus constituents.

The purpose of Diversity Landmarks is three-fold:

  1. Convey diversity as a critical component of academic excellence
  2. Remind us that MSU values every person and the richness that cultural perspectives and life experiences contribute to its academic mission
  3. Provide an inclusive process for individual expression and recognition

Landmarks truly represent what the MSU Public Affairs mission is all about. See for yourself! Diversity Landmarks will be planted along the newly designed Kings Street corridor and throughout the corral area between Carrington and the PSU.

Each Landmark will include a quote, author and the name of the submitter. Original quotes are encouraged.


If you want to participate, send us your quote between March 18 and April 5! Participation in Diversity Landmarks is free and open to all students, faculty, staff and community persons. Email your quotations to: diversitylandmarks@missouristate.edu and watch for your contribution to appear on campus in the near future!

All submissions will be reviewed by the Diversity Landmark Committee.

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One Response to Diversity Landmarks – Submit Your Quote!

  1. Aaliyah Garrett says:

    “It is time for parents to teach young-people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.
    -Maya Angelou