Student Spotlight: Leonard Joseph Audu

Hello! My name is Leonard Joseph Audu and I’m an international student from Nigeria. I’m currently a senior, doing an individualized major in Asian studies with minors in both history and the Chinese language. Before ILeonard Joseph Audu came to America, I completed a diploma in the Chinese language program at Dalian University of Technology and transferred to Missouri State University in Dalian, China, where I obtained my Associates of Arts Degree (AA) in General Business. While studying in China, I was able to come to appreciate the importance of diversity in education. My studies in Dalian enabled me to interact with Chinese students on campus as well as with members of other ethnic groups within the community which tremendously improved my spoken and written Chinese and also gave me a greater insight and understanding of Asian culture and history. I traveled around various parts of China to experience their different and diverse cultures, food, language dialects and history. My experiences in countries like china, the United States, and Nigeria has made me develop an interest in getting to know more about various cultures around the world.  My diverse international experiences have helped me work toward learning skills that will be instrumental in helping me play a future role as an agent of change in trying to solve global issues.  Living in China and the United States has given me a broader experience in both language and cultural understanding, which I want to use as an advantage in pursing my masters in Global Studies.  In the future, I hope to find a job in an international organization that deals with issues affecting our daily lives around the world.

Leonard Joseph AuduLeonard Joseph Audu

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