Campus and Community Diversity Climate Studies

composite-faceOn Monday, June 24, the DiversityWorks, Inc. team arrived in Springfield and on the MSU campus to begin an 18-month climate study.

The importance of climate studies has been well documented over recent years, especially in academic settings. (Bauer, 1998; Cabrera, 1999)  The benefits to be realized are both exponential and sustainable. At MSU, we believe it is important to understand the circumstances and perceptions of those we are called to serve. Therefore, taking on the task of a climate study makes sense and provides a credible means to seek out new ideas and opportunities for better service, recruitment and retention of all students, faculty and staff.

We anticipate results that will allow us to develop programs and policies based on information gleaned from the campus and external communities. Development of research-based programs ensure that “invisible” sub-communities are included and that we can measure perceptions about how people’s interests are served or not served by the institution and/or the external community. These programs and services may focus on a number of issues including racial climate, academic climate, institutional attractiveness, micro-aggressions, barriers to enrollment access and financial aid, and/or a variety of other issues vital to success at MSU and to engaged citizenship within the Springfield community.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this important work for the betterment of our campus and community.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and interests in strict confidence and with renewed confidence that your voice will be heard and included in the progress towards our future institution and community.

For more information about the climate study and for continued updates, visit


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