Tough Talk Sessions


Tough Talk

Whatever your viewpoint is, this is your opportunity to talk about it

What is it like to be multi-racial?

This session explores the identity development of experiences of identifying with more than one racial and ethnic heritage.

Feb 1 – Mar 1
Strong Hall 0250
Facilitator: Jillian Schaffer and Ana Ortiz
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Race in 2017

The election of Donald Trump and many other social factors indicate this will be an interesting year in terms of the continued effort to understand race in our nation.

Feb 2 – PSU 314 B & C
Feb 9 – PSU 312 B & C
Feb 16 – PSU 314 B & C
Feb 23 – PSU 314 B & C
Mar 2 – PSU 314 B & C
Facilitator: Lyle Foster
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The Prison Pipeline

How does our educational system prepare and identify prisoners? Is there a relationship? Learn, talk and act!

Jan 31 – Feb 28
Pummill 0403
Facilitator: Dr. Bret Cormier
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Special Tough Talk Session

African American Heritage Month event with special guest Ben Sanders
Tuesday, Feb 28
MRC Annex
Facilitator: Lyle Foster


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