New Year – New EA Website

(this is what the 3rd floor of Brick City looks like… more or less.)

Greetings students,

This post marks a number of new developments for the Electronic Arts program here at Missouri State University.  The first of which should be obvious, we have a blog!  The second, is that this information will be appearing in our re-designed EA website.  It is our hopes that this site will not only provide fantastic information for incoming students, but also serve as a valuable resource for current students.  Stay tuned for more details!

Oh yeah, one more thing… We are still in the process of getting everything up and running in Brick City.  We have so much space, we can get so many more activities done (link).  We have a new Animation lab with brand new equipment and a dedicated stop motion and digitizing lab complete with DragonFrame software and lots of new goodies on the third floor.  On the second floor we have our very own motion capture studio complete with a professional grade motion capture suit!  We’ll be adding more stuff in the coming months… stoked!


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