Electronic Arts and Media, Journalism and Film Showcases

The Electronic Arts and Media, Journalism and Film showcases are Monday and Tuesday (respectively) this week in the PSU Theater at 6:30 PM each day. Be sure to check out some of the great work that students have produced over the semester. Being a graduate of the Electronic Arts program myself I know how much effort is put into these projects on a yearly basis and it really shows. Last years projects have gone on to win numerous awards as I’m sure this years batch will as well.

Thrown premieres at the MJF Student Showcase on Tuesday.

Electronic Arts Showcase – Monday – 6:30 PM – PSU Theater

This years crop of Electronic Arts projects features two short films. Moving On explores the relationship between two brothers and Ghoul School involves a haunted high school and the mayhem that results. There will also be Explosions Frozen Forever, an animated science fiction film about a group of aliens and a mysterious box, and new media and web work pertaining to the science fiction web series Epilogue, and a new media project exploring the relationship between sound and movement utilizing the Kinect and iPad applications.

Media, Journalism and Film Showcase – Tuseday – 6:30 PM – PSU Theater

This showcase will feature the student production work created by digital film production, media production and broadcast journalism students. This year, MJF students have won over 56 national, regional, and local awards for their work. The short films Thrown and Closure will also be premiered at this event. Thrown tells a detective story of a gambling mans downfall. While Closure follows Ben, a suicidal young man, into a place where paperwork can determine whether he lives or dies. Jackson Sutliff took 1st place in the Missouri BEA Dramatic Script Competition for Closure.

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