PSU Update: Where’s Level 1 Game Center???

Did you know that we have a bowling alley on campus? Right in the PSU! Just down the hall from Starbucks? Well, they’re currently running a drawing for a Pizza Party for up to 20 people. The catch is that you have to find one of the bowling pins around campus as you can see above^^^ and bring it to Level 1 Game Center in order to be entered into this drawing! The winner will be drawn on February 14 and there are still tons of Bowling Pins around campus in the academic buildings. 🙂

If you bring one in, you get a FREE SODA, as well as if you like the Level 1 Game Center and Plaster Student Union on Facebook , and Follow @MSU_PSU on Twitter you can receive up to THREE extra entries. So you’re eligible for up to 4 entries into the drawing 🙂


What’re you waiting for?!?!? Get out there and find those pins!!!


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