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Class of 2015 – The Class of Change

monroeFour years have come and gone on Missouri State’s Campus, and the class that arrived in the Fall of 2011 has seen such a transformation during our time here. The landscape has changed drastically during this short time period as we have all played our role to make Missouri State a better place for everyone. We haveseen the opening of the brand new Foster Recreation Center, a staple on campus that many students had been waiting a long time for and it is hard to imagine campus without it. We have seen an expansion is Residence Life options, upgrading several Residence Halls as well as purchasing the Monroe, giving students an apartment style living opportunity right on campus. We have seen upgrades in several academic buildings as Missouri State strives to continue improving the facilities that we all use on a regular basis for higher learning. Entirely new programs have been created or will be available in brand new buildings thanks to the efforts of students wanting more options on the academic side of college life. We have made headway in areas of sustainability as we give students the option to join Zipcar, the car-sharing program on campus, as well as ensuring all new buildings being upgraded or built are PastedGraphic-1energy efficient. We have watched the construction of a brand new Welcome Center, a much needed facility for creating a lasting first impression for prospective students. The Class of 2015 has seen a major upgrade in athletic facilities thanks to the BEAR Fee, allowing for a better experience for students wanting to cheer on our sports teams, and giving our student athletes the opportunity to perform at the highest level they are capable of. It is hard to imagine our University without all of these new amenities and it is exciting to come back as alumni and see even more changes. Our campus has changed drastically during our 4 years here, and we have our student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators to thank for making Missouri State a better place.

For many of us, I am sure our personal experiences have mirrored the changes on campus, growing and improving since our freshman year. As we turn towards graduation in these final dwindling days, always remember to continue to change and become better than your previous self, just as Missouri State will continue to become a better university. We may be leaving what has been our home these past few years, but that does not mean that we can’t take the experiences and memories from this campus with us into the next chapter of our lives. Always remember what we have learned and done here at Missouri State and I have no doubt the Class of 2015 will be successful in our future endeavors.


Congratulations to the Class of 2015 and GO BEARS!


Jordan McGee
Student Body President

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