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Health Policy talk by Dr. Angela Snyder – April 16th at 3:30 PM




Dr. Angela Snyder

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Public Mgmt. and Policy

Georgia State University


Thursday, April 16th

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Strong Hall 304


Dr. Snyder’s research interests involve child health policy analysis, development, and evaluation, as well as the organization and financing of public health systems. She directs the research efforts of the Center of Excellence in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and works on several projects evaluating Georgia’s Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid programs.


  • Listen to an overview of her health policy research
  • Ask questions about potential career opportunities


Open to all faculty, staff, and students.

For more information, contact: Per Norander, Dept. of Economics

417.836.5352 or pernorander@MissouriState.edu

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Economics Major Among Students Recognized with Citizen Scholar Award

14-15 Citizen Scholars

Six students were selected for the 2014 Citizen Scholar Award based on their dedication to the Public Affairs Mission of Missouri State University through coursework, activities, and service-learning opportunities.  One of this year’s winners is Jordan McGee, an Economics and Organizational Communication major, who was nominated by Professor Mitra.  Congratulations Jordan!

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MSU Student Pricing Index

The Economics Club of Missouri State University recently released its first annual summary of the newly created Student Pricing Index for Missouri State students. The purpose of this project is to estimate the change in prices for a group of goods that a typical MSU student would buy, much like headline CPI does for a typical consumer nationally. The Economics Club gathered prices in October of 2013 and 2014 and prices were compared annually. Key consumption categories include: grocery and food items, tuition, off-campus housing, entertainment, and gasoline costs. The total consumption bundle increased in price 1.27% annually. The price changes by consumption categories are as follows:

Category Percent Change
Groceries 5.39%
Gasoline 5.99%
Tuition 1.49%
Off-Campus Housing 0.97%
Pizza 7.67%
Movies Unchanged
Hygiene Items -0.81%
Beer 6.89%

This is the first release of price change data for the Economics Club at MSU. Price indexes need more than one set of observations to be meaningful. Last year’s club decided consumption bundles and collected prices, while this year’s club collected prices and calculated the percentage changes. Headline CPI on a national scale is 1.7% over the same time period, calculated from a different consumption bundle.

The Economics Club anticipates new releases to this index every Fall. For information about the club please contact Mr. Per Norander in the Economics Department at MSU. For information on the Student Pricing Index, please contact Dr. C. Patrick Scott in the Economics Department at MSU.

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Greenwood Elementary 5th Graders Learn About Money

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  Professor David Mitchell, Director of the Center for Economic Education at MSU, recently spent time with the 5th graders at Greenwood Elementary teaching them a bit about the functions of money through a few interactive exercises.


In one activity, students were given a bag of treats that had different quantities of different things inside. For example, some might have Hello Kitty pencils, Spiderman pens, a slinky, a small flashlight, and assorted candies. Students were asked if they liked everything in their bag and then were given a few minutes to trade with their classmates if they wanted something else. At the conclusion of trading, students were asked how easy or difficult it was to trade and find people who had the items that they wanted and were willing to trade. In short, students were introduced to the problem of the double coincidence of wants. Students were then told how money, as a medium of exchange, solves the problem of the double coincidence of wants.


Students also learned about the need to include anti-counterfeiting measures in money, were shown different currencies from around the world, and were shown a picture of the stone money of Yap, a currency that can weigh up to 3 tons!


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Homecoming 2014 – Save the Date!

Homecoming pic


October 17-18, 2014

Join Missouri State University alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends in letting the good times roar and celebrating all things maroon and white at Homecoming 2014!

  • Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. – Distinguished Bears Dinner and Awards Ceremony
  • Oct. 18 at 7 a.m. – Bear Tracks 5K
  • Oct. 18 at 9 a.m. – Band of Bears Homecoming Parade
  • Oct. 18 at 10 a.m. – BearFest Village and Tailgating
  • Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. – Missouri State Bears vs. South Dakota State Jackrabbits
  • Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. – Bears on the Square

For more information, please visit the Homecoming website.

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