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Rhyming the Econ Way

Undergraduate students in Dr. Basu Roy’s ECO 165 (Principles of Microeconomics) class were given an optional bonus assignment to write an econ-themed poem. Although the assignment was not compulsory, several interesting entries were received. Students took it up as a novel opportunity to blend their creativity with the key concepts learned in class. Here are few of the top entries:


The Opportunity Cost of College
I love going to school at Missouri State,
But for some reason, it has such a high rate.
Going to college has an opportunity cost,
And sometimes, it makes me feel lost.
Instead of going to college, I could have gotten a career,
Which might bring me a cheer……
But with no post-secondary education, I will have less money
Meaning I cannot spend as much as I want on my honey.
But since I am going to school,
I will have higher income, which is pretty cool.
In that case, I will demand more normal goods,
And I will have a prosperous livelihood.
Attending college may require a trade-off or two,
But it won’t leave me feeling blue.
After college, I will have proficiency,
And in turn, I can work at maximum efficiency.
College is not only good for me,
It is also good for the economy.

-Shelby Yake


The Econ Poem
The fate of Supply and Demand
Is determined at the Sellers and Buyers hand
The outcome of a decision, when something is lost
Is actually known as the opportunity cost
When a limit is set on certain items like Soda,
Economists would refer to it as setting a Quota.

-Brittany McPike


Macroeconomics is Big like a house,
Micro, on the other hand, is Small like a mouse.
Output and input, supply and demand,
Just to name a few, are the matters at hand.
If these interest you, there are many things you can do,
From being a professor, economist, researcher
Even a financial analyst too.

-Kimberli Palecek


Demand and Supply
Although economics may seem too much and bland
Sit down and let Dr. Roy give you a hand.
We study many factors such as demand and supply
And how they correlate when consumers choose to buy.
You may be tempted to buy a complement good
Which could include a hammer and a plank of wood.
Don’t let a seller make your choice
Because everyone in the market has their voice.

-Braden Boatright


Econ Love
Bound together like supply and demand,
Our love together is what I wish to command.
Meeting at a point of you and I,
The love we share is more than the sky.
If equilibrium were a place,
We’d be there together tied like a lace.
If I didn’t have you I’d be dead weight loss,
Completely inefficient, like teeth without floss.
Now that You know how I feel about You,
Give me a chance and we can become two.

-Jace Duvall

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ECO Major Uvis Kalnins Selected as MAC Swimmer of the Week

Uvis Kalnins
Uvis Kalnins
Jan. 12, 2016MAC Release | Follow @MoStateSwim

CLEVELAND – Missouri State senior Uvis Kalnins won both of his individual events at Texas A&M en route to earning the Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimmer of the Week award for the third time this season, the league announced Tuesday.

Kalnins was one of two Bears to win an event and served as the fastest anchor leg among all swimmers in the Bears’ top relay finish against Texas A&M Thursday, Jan. 7.

In the opening race of the day, the men’s swimmer helped lead the Bears’ 400-yard medley ‘A’ relay to a runner-up finish. Swimming as the anchor, Kalnins’s 44.69 split was the fastest among all seven relays that participated.

Kalnins completed the dual versus the Southeastern Conference member by winning both individual events he appeared in.

The Valmiera, Latvia, native took the 200 IM by almost three seconds, finishing ahead of fellow MSU swimmer Artur Osvath in a time of 1:49.33. Kalnins also placed first in the 100 free. His 45.05 finish was good for first place ahead of four Aggies swimmers that placed 2-3-4-5.

Kalnins previously earned the MAC Swimmer of the Week award following efforts on Oct. 2 in the Show-Me Showdown and the Kansas Double Dual which ran from Oct. 23-34. It’s his fifth time earning the award after being recognized with the conference nod twice as a junior. Four other Bears – Josie Pearson, Artur Osvath,Dora Kiss and Lauren Pavel – have been recognized as Swimmer of the Week in their respective conferences.

This story originally appeared on the website for Missouri State Athletics. Access the original post.

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Rockonomix Rocks the Economics Department

Students in Dr. Basu Roy’s Principles of Macroeconomics classes got the opportunity to participate in this year’s Rockonomix national competition.  Rockonomix is a group-based project where students are instructed to write new (economics theme based) lyrics to a popular song and produce their original music video. This pedagogical technique has been used in introductory economics courses by several undergraduate institutions across the nation over the last 4 years. In order to increase student interest and collaboration across institutions an intercollegiate Rockonomix competition is held every fall semester to choose the best overall video.

Here are links to some of the best videos produces this fall in Dr. Basu Roy’s classes:

Opportunity Cost – Aldon since U Been Gone Parody

The video covered the concept of opportunity cost. They described someone choosing one alcoholic beverage over the other and then regretting the decision and wishing they had chosen the other option and the benefits that it came along with.

Thrift shop Macklemore Parody

The video relates to several topics/concepts covered in Principles Macro class like aggregate demand, supply, inflation, social insurance, budget deficit and banking.

Unemployment- That’s How You Know Parody

The video relates to the problem of unemployment and how the labor market works during a recession in the economy.

The students had a fun time doing this project. They were able to better understand some concepts. While writing the lyrics they had to refer to lecture notes so that gave them opportunity for extra review.

Here is the feedback from one group of students; “Not only did we have a lot of fun making the video, it also helped us review the topics we covered in class.  Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  This goes perfectly with the project because song lyrics can’t be lengthy explanations.  They are simple and to the point.  Writing the lyrics forced us to go back into our notes and make sure we understood everything well before we put into the song.  We also decided not to go into too much depth with any one topic, but rather mention a little bit of multiple topics.  That way we had a basic understanding of mostly everything covered in class.”

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Suggested Summer Reading for Economics Students

I know, I know, classes just ended and you’re already wondering how you’ll get your economics fix this summer.  No worries – the Suggested Summer Reading for Economics Students is now available!

By the way, if you read something not on the list that you think we should add to the list in the future, please let us know in the comments below.  Have a great summer!

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Dr. Self earns MSU Foundation Award for Excellence in Research

Sharmistha Self

Congratulations to Dr. Sharmistha Self, who was presented with an MSU Foundation Award for Excellence in Research at the 2015 MSU All-Faculty Recognition Reception.  Foundation Awards are presented annually to full-time faculty members in recognition of excellence in the areas of teaching, research, and/or creative activities and service.

Dr. Self has published 35 refereed journal articles, made more than 40 presentations of her research at academic conferences, has published two editions of her Economic Development textbook, and is working on a new textbook on the Economics of Social Issues.

Congratulations Dr. Self!

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Health Policy talk by Dr. Angela Snyder – April 16th at 3:30 PM




Dr. Angela Snyder

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Public Mgmt. and Policy

Georgia State University


Thursday, April 16th

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Strong Hall 304


Dr. Snyder’s research interests involve child health policy analysis, development, and evaluation, as well as the organization and financing of public health systems. She directs the research efforts of the Center of Excellence in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and works on several projects evaluating Georgia’s Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid programs.


  • Listen to an overview of her health policy research
  • Ask questions about potential career opportunities


Open to all faculty, staff, and students.

For more information, contact: Per Norander, Dept. of Economics

417.836.5352 or pernorander@MissouriState.edu

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