Rhyming the Econ Way

Undergraduate students in Dr. Basu Roy’s ECO 165 (Principles of Microeconomics) class were given an optional bonus assignment to write an econ-themed poem. Although the assignment was not compulsory, several interesting entries were received. Students took it up as a novel opportunity to blend their creativity with the key concepts learned in class. Here are few of the top entries:


The Opportunity Cost of College
I love going to school at Missouri State,
But for some reason, it has such a high rate.
Going to college has an opportunity cost,
And sometimes, it makes me feel lost.
Instead of going to college, I could have gotten a career,
Which might bring me a cheer……
But with no post-secondary education, I will have less money
Meaning I cannot spend as much as I want on my honey.
But since I am going to school,
I will have higher income, which is pretty cool.
In that case, I will demand more normal goods,
And I will have a prosperous livelihood.
Attending college may require a trade-off or two,
But it won’t leave me feeling blue.
After college, I will have proficiency,
And in turn, I can work at maximum efficiency.
College is not only good for me,
It is also good for the economy.

-Shelby Yake


The Econ Poem
The fate of Supply and Demand
Is determined at the Sellers and Buyers hand
The outcome of a decision, when something is lost
Is actually known as the opportunity cost
When a limit is set on certain items like Soda,
Economists would refer to it as setting a Quota.

-Brittany McPike


Macroeconomics is Big like a house,
Micro, on the other hand, is Small like a mouse.
Output and input, supply and demand,
Just to name a few, are the matters at hand.
If these interest you, there are many things you can do,
From being a professor, economist, researcher
Even a financial analyst too.

-Kimberli Palecek


Demand and Supply
Although economics may seem too much and bland
Sit down and let Dr. Roy give you a hand.
We study many factors such as demand and supply
And how they correlate when consumers choose to buy.
You may be tempted to buy a complement good
Which could include a hammer and a plank of wood.
Don’t let a seller make your choice
Because everyone in the market has their voice.

-Braden Boatright


Econ Love
Bound together like supply and demand,
Our love together is what I wish to command.
Meeting at a point of you and I,
The love we share is more than the sky.
If equilibrium were a place,
We’d be there together tied like a lace.
If I didn’t have you I’d be dead weight loss,
Completely inefficient, like teeth without floss.
Now that You know how I feel about You,
Give me a chance and we can become two.

-Jace Duvall

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