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Ask Priscilla…What is a Living-Learning Community & why should my student consider an LLC as a housing option?

That’s a good question. Ask Priscilla_Avatar_MOLiving-Learning Communities are special living environments that offer social and academic resources to students with varied interests areas and specialties.  In this program, students gain knowledge and skills to be successful both in and out of the classroom. Students are offered opportunities to work with campus and community leaders to enhance their knowledge offering resources that help them with curricular and co-curricular settings. There are currently twelve LLC’s on campus and these range from the Bear Business Community to Future Health Care Professionals, Fit and Well, and First-Year Bears, just to name a few. You can find more info about the LLC’s here.

What does this mean to students? To get a clear view on how students feel about LLC’s, we asked some current residents to share their thoughts and how they benefit from this type of community living.

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RoomSync – Finding a Roommate for 2015-2016 Academic Year

We are looking forward to your student joining us for the fall 2015 semester!  We’re excited to offer them a new method of finding potential roommates.  RoomSync is a Facebook app. Your student should have or wreslifeill shortly receive an invitation from our office to join RoomSync and see what roommates are available through this application.  By integrating Twitter and Instagram profiles, RoomSync is able to capture a broader representation of each individual student and their tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.  This integration also furthers a very unique component of finding a roommate:  Personality.  It is impossible to decipher a person’s personality from a vague paper questionnaire.  RoomSync already overcomes this challenge by using Facebook to capture a person’s true identity.  But, with the use of a running stream of thoughts from Twitter and a visual porthole into activities and interests from Instagram, RoomSync is now able to offer an even deeper picture of who a user is.  roomsync

These features aids RoomSync’s efforts thereby creating honest and promising matches that will stand the test of time.  For a quick introduction into RoomSync and its workings, please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVuqrR-5_GA

Having a mutual roommate request has taken on a new meaning this year!  In April, we will allow incoming student who have a mutual roommate request to go online and select their own room for the 2015-16 academic year! No more waiting on our Department to assign your student to a room or suite…they will be able to do it themselves.

Happy Syncing!

Visit the Residence Life, Housing  & Dining Services website for  more information.

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A Conversation with Justin…Time Management

Time management is quite possibly one of the most important skills we as college students can obtain. It is especially important as we begin to get involved outside of the classroom.  I believe that one of the biggest aspects of time management is determining how many different things you can get involved with. If you, as a student, require more time for studying and doing homework, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to go and join multiple organizations or work too much. Furthermore, with time management, get involved in things that you are going to be able to engage yourself in.  IMG_2113

A helpful tool for me to stay on top of my to do list is maintaining a calendar. I personally use Google Calendar to set up all of my classes and meetings for each week. I try to plan out at least a few weeks in advance so I know when to be where and when to have assignments ready to turn in for class. The university planner is also a vital tool to manage your time successfully. Available at the Bookstore, these planners come laid out with all university events and breaks to better control your schedule.

​Trial and error has possibly been most successful for myself and many people I know. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see whether you are able to stay on top of all of your requirements. This helps you become more well rounded and better understand yourself and your capabilities.


Justin Roberts, a junior year with a double major in Philosophy and Organizational Communication, is from Frisco, Texas.   He is the Family Orientation Coordinator for SOAR 2015, the first to hold this student position in the office. Throughout his time at Missouri State, he has been a SOAR Leader, involved in the Missouri State Disc Golf Club, Student Government Association, and a social fraternity where he served as the chapter president.

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Career Expo 2015 – An Opportunity for your Student to Connect

Encourage your student to attend the Career Expo 2015 hosted by the Missouri State Career Center, Tuesday, February 24,1:00 – 5:00 PM at JQH Arena.  The Career Expo provides the opportunity for students and employers to connect. More than 140 employers from all areas of all industries are registered to attend. Employers will be looking to fill internships and full-time positions. Students of all majors and all class levels from Missouri State University, Drury University, Evangel University, Southwest Baptist University, and College of the Ozarks are invited to attend this all-inclusive career fair.  d9b0b833-2002-435a-9fed-c92db958df3b

Your student should bring copies of their résumé to distribute. Professional dress or business casual is recommended. A list of employers who are attending is available on the Career Center’s website: http://careercenter.missouristate.edu/CareerExpo.htm

Remind your student to show their professional side at the Career Expo. Below are some tips from the Career Center you can share:

Professionalism includes a wide range of characteristics that involve displaying appropriate behavior in the way we behave, dress, and speak. Examples include treating people respectfully, dressing appropriately, avoiding gossip and negativity, staying calm during stressful or crisis situations, and behaving ethically and with integrity.

The Career Expo on February 24 provides students the opportunity to meet and network with a large number of employers, so ensure that the first impression you make is a professional one. Effective time management skills, well prepared résumés, and appropriate attire are ways in which students can demonstrate their professionalism.

Allow plenty of time. Career Expo will be from 1 to 5 pm, so plan to arrive toward the beginning rather than the end. Many people underestimate the amount of time they need to spend at career fairs. If you wait until 4:45, some employers may have already left or be putting away their material.

Use your time efficiently. Sometimes employers have a waiting line of students; if you choose to wait your turn, be patient and observant. However, you may want to take the opportunity to visit with another recruiter and return to the first one when that line is shorter.

Do your research. Visit the Career Center’s website to view the list of employers planning to attend. Each recruiter includes a link to the company or organization website. Visit their websites to learn more about them, their services, and products. Make a list of the employers you want to target during the career fair.

Be prepared. Make sure your résumé is correct and updated, and bring plenty of copies to distribute. Some students also like to include business cards with their résumés. During Career Expo, ask recruiters for their business cards. Employers may want to look at your LinkedIn profile, so make sure it is developed and updated.

Dress appropriately. Wearing business attire that is clean and pressed sends the message that you’re responsible, capable, and ready to be hired. On the other hand, dressing too casually may leave employers doubting your qualifications or preparedness. Even though some recruiters will be wearing business casual, others will be wearing traditional business attire. It’s preferable to dress too conservatively than too casually. Read more about the different levels of business attire: http://abt.cm/1DmTA3v

Demonstrate confidence. Sometimes students arrive at Career Expo with friends or classmates, but once you check in, show your independence and confidence by interacting with employers on your own. Your friends and classmates may be your competition, so you want to make sure that you stand out and are not “lumped together.”

Be courteous. Practice your handshake; make sure it is not too strong or too limp. Feeling nervous is normal, but smile and be personable. Most employers will try to put you at ease.  Say thank you and please. Be respectful of others: don’t cut in line or be rude.

Follow up. After Career Expo, send thank-you letters (or thank-you cards) to recruiters (another reason to collect their business cards). In addition to thanking them for their time, take this opportunity to express your interest in the position and organization and to emphasize your qualifications.

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Ask Priscilla! When can my student re-apply for housing for 2015-2016?

The time is quickly approaching for students to reapply for housing for 2015-2016.  Below are the dates your student needs to take note of as they make the decision to live on campus for the upcoming year.
Your student can go online to mymissouristate.edu and sign their housing contract now. Check out the procedure for signing the contract here: Application Steps for 2015-16 Academic Year. #LiveLikeABear

Reapplication Process 1516YR

Apartment Reapplication (2/16 – 2/27) (Includes only Monroe and Sunvilla Apartments)

  • STEP 1: Complete Contract
    Apartment Application/Contract (active 2/16 – 2/27) Online at My.MissouriState.Edu
  • STEP 2: Pick A Room
Monroe Apartment Room Retention (active ONLY 2/23) Online Self-Assignment
  • Current resident assigned to Monroe may retain current space
    (Example: MO-3009C stays in MO-3009C)
  • Completed 1516YR apartment application/contract
Monroe Apartment Roommate Pull-In (active ONLY 2/24) Online Self-Assignment
  • Assigned to Monroe 1516YR may pull in a roommate
  • Roommates to be pulled in must have completed 1516YR apartment application/contract
Monroe Apartment Retain Building (active ONLY 2/25) Online Self-Assignment
  • Current resident assigned to Monroe may choose another space within Monroe
    (Example: MO-3009C moves to MO-3009A)
  • Completed 1516YR apartment application/contract
Apartment General Room Selection (active 2/26 & 2/27) Completed in Hammons 104; not available online
  • Current resident wishing to move to Monroe or Sunvilla
  • Completed 1516YR apartment application/contract
Scholars Reapplication (2/23-3/6)
  • STEP 1: Complete Interest Form
  • MachForm (active 2/3 – 2/22)
  • STEP 2: Complete Contract
  • Scholars Application/Contract (active 2/23 – 3/6)
    Online at MyMissouriState.edu
  • STEP 3: Pick A Room
  • Scholars Reapplication (active 3/2 – 3/6)|
    Completed in Hammons 104; not available online
    • Current Scholars resident
    • Current resident eligible for Honors housing
    • Completed 1516YR Scholars application/contract

Residence Hall Reapplication (3/2 – 4/10)

  • STEP 1: Complete Contract
  • Residence Hall Application/Contract (active 3/2 – 4/10) Online at MyMissouriState.edu
  • STEP 2: Pick A Room
Residence Hall Room Retention (active 3/17 & 3/18) Online Self-Assignment
  • Current resident
  • Completed 1516YR residence hall application/contract
Residence Hall Roommate Pull-In (active 3/19 & 3/20) Online Self-Assignment
  • Assigned to Residence Hall 1516YR
  • Roommates to be pulled in must have completed 1516YR residence hall application/contract
Residence Hall General Room Selection (active 3/23 – 4/10) Online Self-Assignment
  • Current resident
  • Completed 1516YR residence hall application/contract

For more information, visit the Housing & Residence Life website.

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Spring Family Day Photo Contest – Enter your Family Photo Today

Calling all Bear family members! Show off your favorite family photo and be entered to win a gift bag and the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the Spring Family Day Baseball game, March 21st at Hammons Field.

Any family member of a current MSU student is eligible to submit an entry for the photo contest!

  • Photos MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY in high-quality digital format (J-PEGs please)
  • Showcase your family in a photo that exemplifies your family’s spirit. Humorous, serious, multi-generational…however you define your family.
  • Attach the photo in an email to familyassociation@missouristate.edu. Include in your email:
    • Students name
    • Students M#
    • Contact name
    • Contact email & phone number
    • A caption with a description of how the photo represents your family. (Please limit your caption to 100 words or less.)

Deadline to submit an entry is Monday, March 2, 11:59pm. The photos will be judged by a panel of faculty/staff and the winner announced on March 13th!

1.)    MSU student(s) MUST be in the photo. (If there are other students in the photo, you must have their written permission to submit the photo).

2.)    Photos with inappropriate content will NOT be accepted.

5.)    Photos submitted after the deadline of March 2, 11:59pm will not be included in the contest.

6.)    Photo content must be “true to life” (no photoshopping objects/ppl in or out of photos).

Disclaimer: If you submit a photo, you automatically allow Parent & Family Programs to reprint and use the photo in Missouri State University Family Association promotional materials. You also agree to allow us to screen the photo and display it on our Facebook and Twitter page. You still own the rights to your photograph and can use it for your own personal use or submit to another contest, but we reserve the right to use submitted photos in our materials as well.

If you have any questions, contact Priscilla Childress, coordinator of Parent & Family Programs at pchildress@missouristate.edu or (417) 836-3060.

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Join us for Spring Family Day 2015

Make plans to join us March 21st for Spring Family Day and a celebration of Missouri State’s 110th birthday.  Starting March 17th, there will be activities planned all week to celebrate our birthday and have some fun.  The week activities culminate with Family Day at Hammons Field.  Head to Springfield and enjoy time with your student and cheer on the Bears Baseball team as they take on Indiana State at Hammons Field. Keep checking back for updated event information.  #birthdaybears  Web logo family day

Family Day at Hammons Field

Hammons Field, Saturday, March 21st, 2 pm

Deck out in your BearWear and join us in cheering on the Bears baseball team as they take on Indiana State University. Tickets are $12 for adults , $10 for students and children (ages 2-12).  The ticket price includes a Spring Family Day T-shirt. Download the ticket order form here.  Complete the form and return it to the JQH Ticket Office or email the form to duanemiller@missouristate.edu.  The deadline to order tickets is March 2nd. We look forward to seeing you at Spring Family Day! 

Visit the Parent & Family website to learn more about Spring Family Day 2015 activities.

If you have questions, Ask Priscilla at pchildress@missouristate.edu or at (417) 836-3060.

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Are you a #CitizenBear?

Happy Birthday Missouri State University!

March 17 marks the 110th Anniversary of the founding of our beloved university! In addition, we celebrate 10 years as Missouri State University.   There will be a variety of events and activities on campus during the week of March 17. Be sure to watch your email and the Family Association website for details.  birthday balloons


One of the projects involves featuring 110 (or more!) students, family members, alumni and faculty/staff,  who are living the public affairs mission. We hope you will participate by submitting yourself or a fellow Bear to be featured online during our Birthday week.


The key is that the social post MUST include #birthdaybears in order to be included on TagBoard. The post can be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Vine or Google+.

This is what we suggest people use to submit people who are living the public affairs mission:

_<name>_ is a #CitizenBear because __<reason>___ #birthdaybears

In the reason section we encourage people to tag their organizations where they volunteer. We also encourage them to include a photo or video, especially in BearWear.

Example text:  Jane Doe is a #CitizenBear because she volunteers at @ConvoyOfHope every week. #birthdaybears

Join us in wishing Missouri State a very happy 110th birthday! Questions? Ask Priscilla at pchildress@missouristate.edu or at (417) 836 – 3060.  #birthdaybears

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A conversation with Justin…Involvement

To me, getting involved is vital to success in college. Coming to a university is not simply sitting in a classroom, studying for tests and obtaining a 4.0. There’s more to this experience. To truly get the “Bear Experience” personal growth needs to happen. In my opinion, this is something that cannot happen just in the classroom. This growth comes from putting yourself out there, meeting new people, and trying new things that you did not have exposure to in high school. IMG_2113

By getting involved, students are able to obtain a few different things.  By joining organizations, it is easy to make connections. Whether that be during your time in college making new friends or using those connections to land a job after graduation, meeting new people leads to a better network for students. Through involvement, we as students also become more competent in dealing with diverse individuals, serving the community and learning valuable leadership skills.

As for how to get involved, I believe that if a student decides to join an organization, it is their duty to contribute to that group. Simply joining something just to say you’re in it or a part of it is not enough. The goal of these organizations is for us as students to learn and prosper simultaneously with the organization. It’s a mutual benefit relationship. With that, I do not believe that students should go join as many organizations just to look involved. Rather, we should find those things we are truly passionate about and put 100% effort into those areas to truly make a difference.



Justin Roberts, a junior year with a double major in Philosophy and Organizational Communication, is from Frisco, Texas.   He is the Family Orientation Coordinator for SOAR 2015, the first to hold this student position in the office. Throughout his time at Missouri State, he has been a SOAR Leader, involved in the Missouri State Disc Golf Club, Student Government Association, and a social fraternity where he served as the chapter president.


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Ask Priscilla! What is the true cost of adding and dropping classes?

Many students call their families explaining that they need to drop a class. There are many reasons for this. We asked Susan Martindale, Academic Advisor here at Missouri State about the true cost of adding and dropping classes. Below, Susan provides great feedback about the process:  Ask Priscilla_Avatar_MO

Jim calls his mom half-way through the semester to announce, “I need to drop my history class. I don’t like the way the instructor is teaching it and I would rather take it next semester with my friend. Scenarios like this happen every day and it is important for parents to understand the true cost of these kinds of decisions.

Dropping a course can be an appropriate option. If the student is failing the class with no hope of turning things around, or discovers he is in the wrong class for his major, dropping may be the right course of action. However, dropping classes can have many negative consequences, not the least of which is financial.

Generally speaking, the cost for a three-credit course for an in-state resident is $612 ($1248 for out-of-state) plus a textbook. There are deadlines for receiving a percentage of that fee as a refund if students drop classes. Those deadlines happen rather early in the semester. For example, March 17, 2015 is the last day to receive a 25% refund for full-semester spring classes. The Academic Calendar on the University website is a very helpful resource for parents to stay abreast of dates and deadlines.

Let’s look at Jim’s situation. He calls his mom March 20, three days after the last refund deadline. He received his mid-term grades March 19 and knows his history grade is C-. If he drops the class he has missed the deadline and will not receive a refund. Since the history class is a required general education class, Jim will need to retake it at some point and pay $612 again. The course will ultimately cost a total of $1224. If the textbook changes, he will have to buy another book as well.

Sometimes students complicate their situation when dropping a class results in falling below full-time status. They may lose insurance coverage, jeopardize financial aid, and even delay graduation. Second block classes, which start mid-semester, may be an option to stay enrolled full-time but there is a limited selection and those classes are often electives and cost the same as required courses.

Before dropping a class, a student should always speak to the instructor, the advisor, the financial aid office if applicable, and the insurance company to avoid unexpected consequences. Otherwise the student may be making a very expensive decision.



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