Spotted wing drosophila trap catches

Vickie Baumer reports the trap catches for the spotted wing drosophila traps that were set out on Tuesday, July 2 as follows:

Blueberry – 0

West Blackberry – 32 males; 42 females (the SWD in 1/2 of the drowning solution were counted and then multiplied by 2 as an estimate of the total)*

East Blackberry – 8 males; 34 females*

Field Primocane Raspberries – 6 males; 30 females*

High Tunnel Raspberries – 6 males; 34 females*

Since the current recommendation is to spray weekly when the pest has been spotted, we will discontinue trapping in the brambles and  continue trapping in the blueberries. We will put traps up in the grapes when they begin to ripen.

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