Peach Thinning

Even with the late frost and cold temperatures the peach trees still needed to be thinned this year.  We decided not to mechanically thin them since about 30% of the buds had damage.  We waited until they set fruit and are manually thinning them to one peach every 6-8 inches.  Thinning immature fruit will allow the remaining fruit to develop into higher quality fruit.  Less crowding of the fruit also allows more sunlight which will result in improved color and flavor.  Proper thinning can also reduce the amount of limb breakage due to the weight of the fruit.  Fruit trees have a natural fruit drop usually called “June Drop”.  During May to June, the flowers and fruits will naturally thin themselves.  Blossoms that were not pollinated will die and fall off, while small immature fruits often naturally drop.   Even with “June Drop”, Stone fruits (Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Cherries and Plums etc.) generally require additional thinning.


Photos to be posted later…


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