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Peach Thinning

Even with the late frost and cold temperatures the peach trees still needed to be thinned this year.  We decided not to mechanically thin them since about 30% of the buds had damage.  We waited until they set fruit and are manually thinning them to one …

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Frost Damage on Fruit Trees

With the early warm temperatures we experienced this year the Fruit Trees were already beginning to bloom when the temperatures turned cold again.  On March 15th the temperature at the Fruit Station dropped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  Critical temperatures for frost …

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Tree Fruit Pruning Workshop

A tree fruit pruning workshop was held at the Fruit Station on Saturday March 18th.  Those in attendance received instructions on proper pruning and tool safety as well as some hands on pruning in the demonstration garden in the field.   …

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Pruning Peach Trees

The field crew began pruning peach trees yesterday.  The crew will work on this over the next couple of weeks.  We prune the peaches after most of the other fruit crops at the station since peaches can be injured if …

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Dr. James Baker, Dr. Erin Parrish and Thomas Downs, Esq. Visit the Fruit Station

Dr. James Baker – Vice President for Research and Economic Development and International Programs, Dr. Erin Parrish – Director of Office of Research Administration, and Thomas Downs Esq. visited the Fruit Station today and met with Darr School of Agriculture Director …

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