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The rainmakers

Dr. Mike Burton and Cody Wallace (Missouri State Agriculture Department), Steve Hefner of the USDA-NRCS, and Billy Vandiver ran rain simulations today and collected the suface water runoff from replicated research plots treated with bio-solids and mineral fertilizers. The surface water runoff will then be …

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Thar she blows

On Friday, Dr. Mike Burton tested the rainfall simulator to make sure it would rain properly while Cody Wallace dug trenches next to the test plots. The researchers are going to analyze the surface water runoff from replicated plots treated …

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Rainfall simulator construction

Dr. Mike Burton, an Ag professor at Missouri State, and Cody Wallace, a graduate student, are constructing rainfall simulators at Mountain Grove. They are studying the bacteria and nutrient characteristics of runoff from areas where biosolids are applied. The rainfall …

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