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What’s blooming March 15

It looks like this is an earlier spring compared to last year. The Cayuga White grape buds are beginning to swell, there are blossoms on the Redhaven peaches and the Starry Magnolia is already past full bloom. Here are some …

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Blackberry winter

Ok, I was looking at the blackberry flowers on Thursday, wearing shorts and enjoying warm weather. It dawned on me that the blackberries were blooming without a blackberry winter! Friday, I stepped outside in my shorts and ran back in …

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Spring blossoms

I went out to record grape bud phenology but not much was happening with them. They were bleeding, but the buds were not pushing. I rated Catawba, Vignoles, Vidal Blanc, Norton, Concord and Sunbelt at stage 1 (winter bud) of …

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Apricots and magnolias

With a few really nice and warm days, everything just about explodes into growth. Unfortunately that also applies to weeds :). In this area apricots always bloom, but unless there is no more frost, we will not see any fruit. …

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Something’s blooming!

The Cornus mas – the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood – is blooming in the horticulture garden. It is one of the first shrubs to blossom in late Winter / early Spring (earlier than forsythia).

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What’s blooming this week?

The New Dawn Rose is blooming this week along with most of the other roses. The species geranium continures to bloom this week and is definitely a workhorse as it blossoms most of the summer. The Deutzia shrub in the …

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