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Mystery of the wolfberries solved

Pam Turner brought in the branch of a flowering shrub for identification. I had not seen it before so we sent a photo to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Chip Tynan – manager of the garden’s Horticultural Answer Service – informed

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Red maple gallery

We planted a row of red maple – Acer rubrum – cultivars in fall of 1999. I took photos of each tree on October 20, 2015 to catch the fall color. Of course, some were at peak, some a bit

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Last red maple showing

The October Glory red maple is still putting on its fall show even after the other red maples have lost their leaves. Our red maple row from south to north consists of the following cultivars; Brandywine, Autumn Flame, Armstrong, Somerset,

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Giving our rain barrel a lift

Our rain barrel was sitting on level ground. With the spigot close to the base, it was difficult to maneuver and since the water flow is directed by gravity, setting on the ground was not ideal. Joe Wright built a

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Waiting for spring

Here is a cardinal in the large tulip poplar outside my window yesterday. He is wondering when the wind will let up and nice weather take hold. We are also waiting for a nice windless day to put up the

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Bob’s bucket irrigation

Bob Schultheis, Engineering Specialist at the University Extension office in Marshfield, came up with a clever idea. His bucket irrigation method is to drill a 5/64″  hole near the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and then fill with water

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All of our fruit crops escaped spring freeze injury this year – even the apricots!! We have two trees in the horticulture garden. We picked Sungold today – a bit late but then – we never expect to have them.

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Composting anyone?

The composting workshop held on Saturday the 17th got off to a bit chilly start, but the sun was out and everyone warmed up at the end. John Avery told us how much and what makes good compost. One of

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Apricots and magnolias

With a few really nice and warm days, everything just about explodes into growth. Unfortunately that also applies to weeds :). In this area apricots always bloom, but unless there is no more frost, we will not see any fruit.

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