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2012 Peach Harvest

The 2012 peach harvest reference plant information is as follows: Redhaven   Peach Tree Weights (lbs) 2012 Reference Tree Row# Tree# Date R2T20 R3T29 R4T15 6/26/2012 35.00 2.50 15.25 7/2/2012 29.25 30.25 19.50 7/9/2012 10.50 12.00 3.50 7/13/2012 8.50 21.00

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2011 Peach harvest

The 2011 peach harvest is complete. The Redhaven test trees yielded about 50 pounds pf peaches per tree, down from the 150 pounds average per tree in 2010. The field crew estimated about 40% loss of marketable yield to insect pests. Redhaven Peach Tree

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2010 Peach harvest

The 2010 peach harvest on Redhaven is complete. There was no loss to spring freeze and the reference trees yielded an average of 164 pounds per tree, about 60 pounds more than last year. Redhaven Peach Tree Weights (lbs) 2010

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Peach harvest

We have been harvesting Redhaven peaches since last week. The crop looks good and we keep track of it by weighing the yield from selected reference trees.

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Peach reference tree yield

Randy, Jeremy and Steven kept track of the yield from three selected reference trees in the Redhaven Peach block. We did have some freeze injury in the spring. Here are the 2009 results. Redhaven Peach Tree Weights (lbs) 2009 Reference

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Goodbye Peaches, Hello Fall

The peach harvest has come and gone. The Redhavens this summer were absolutely beautiful and tasted even better. Thank you to everyone who made the trip out to the fruit dock. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and patience to purchase our fruit.

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