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Replacing missing grapevines

It is important to replace any missing vines in a vineyard so that you maintain maximum productivity. This morning, Ryan Wilson worked with Amanda Gonzales to the Foundation vineyard and note missing and weak grapevines. Ryan and Amanda are students …

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The Great Pumpkin

Logan Duncan, graduate student in Dr. Chin-Feng Hwang’s program, is working on a project cucurbita breeding. He harvested all sizes of pumpkins from his research planting but here we see the biggest one.

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Ningxia scouting party

The instructor and students from the Ningxia University wine program in China scouted the vineyards this morning for pests, diseases and other problems. We found many different things including sour rot with spotted wing drosophila, Grapevine Vein Clearing Virus, phylloxera, …

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Breeding for a better squash

Logan Duncan is working with Dr. Hwang on a squash breeding project. He is making inter-specific crosses between different squash species and will evaluate the progeny as to fruit quality and heat, disease and insect resistance.

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