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First fall frost

It was a frosty morning today after a warm October and November. Our Real-Time Weather Station at Mountain Grove recorded 32.8 degrees Fahrenheit for a low, so only parts of the landscape had frost. The first fall frost is almost

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Persimmon Seeds

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, you can predict the winter weather with a persimmon seed.  Seeds were cut open from the trees here at the Fruit Station and they all had spoons inside. The folklore goes… If the kernel is spoon-shaped it means lots

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Weather station upgrade

The Forest Technology Systems weather station senses and records data for the Fire Program got an upgrade today from Department of Conservation personnel Ben Webster, MDC Fire Program Supervisor; Terry Thompson, MDC Forestry Ozark Regional Supervisor and Russell Hinnah, MDC

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Rainy season

We have had so much rain this year, even into July. In May, we had a total of 6.63 inches; June 7.02 inches; and so far in July 5.87 inches! Randy Stout asked me to take a photo of our

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Minimum temp 24.1 F this morning

We had a spring freeze this morning (on our last average frost date in spring). The hourly average temperature was below freezing from 10 pm Monday evening through 7 am Tuesday morning. Peaches and other stone fruits were in bloom.

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Spring blew in this Wednesday which was quite cold and windy. Then it snowed – so I doubt if anyone is “thinking spring”. The good news is that the plants are not budding out very much at all so we will not have

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We were all wondering if winter weather would come this year. Today it did! We already have a blanket of snow and it is still coming down as I post this.

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Last red maple showing

The October Glory red maple is still putting on its fall show even after the other red maples have lost their leaves. Our red maple row from south to north consists of the following cultivars; Brandywine, Autumn Flame, Armstrong, Somerset,

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