Courses added to General Education Publics Issues Area

Two courses have been approved to be added to the General Education Program in the Public Issues area for Fall 2017.

EDC 249 Schooling in America – (New Course to MSU) Examines the nature and history of schooling in America, the broad social purposes and goals of education, and the crucial role the institution of schooling has and does play in the United States and Missouri with regard to shifting public policy as well as state and federal laws and mandates. Explores social, legal, and political issues as they play out in schools with regard to diversity, racism, sexism, and the effects of social class.

CRM 210 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System – (Existing Course but now General Education Public Issues option) This course provides an overview of the American criminal justice system and examines its functions, problems, and potential solutions. Students explore citizen rights and responsibilities relevant to the fair and equal distribution of justice and examine how communities can be strengthened to aid crime prevention.

You can download the new General Education Worksheet at (Remember to clear your Cache on your browser if when you download the worksheet it does not say in the bottom left corner that it was updated 3/28/17)

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